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your eyes remind me of frozen margaritas

Today we have a Jigar Moradabadi poem. It has been a long time favorite. I first posted this ghazal in MHFL in 2001. At that time I knew only a few shers of this ghazal. I have found many more  thanks to youtube and some books.


It has been sung beautifully by Ustad Bahauddin Khan in a qawwali format:

Sung beautifully by Jagjit Singh in  a live performance. He has combined Jigar’s ghazal and a ghazal by Adam which is in the same rhyme and meter.

Sung beautifully by a singer who I cannot identify:


First I will write Jigar’s ghazal and after that I will list Adam’s shers which are a part of Jagjit’s rendition:

Jigar’s ghazal:


Hairat-e-ishq nahin, shauk janoon-posh nahin

Be-hijaban chale aao mujhe hosh nahin

( No longer am I astonished by love, and my desires are not full of madness anymore,

come to me with your face unveiled for I am no longer in my senses so you have nothing to fear now)


Rind jo mujhko samajhte hain unhein hosh nahin

Mainkada saaz hoon main mainkada bardosh nahin

( those people who consider me a drunkard, they are not in their senses,

  I am an admirer of the tavern but not dependent on it/mad about it)


Keh gayi kaan mein aakar tere daaman ki hawa

Sahib-e-hosh wohi hai ke jise hosh nahin

( The breeze from your dress has come and told me in my ear,

  the real possessor of awareness in this world is one who is not in his senses)



Kabhi un madbhari aankhon se piya tha ik jaam

Aaj tak hosh nahin,hosh nahin,hosh nahin

( A long time back I had a sip of the wine of her eyes,

  Even after so many years I remain intoxicated)


Mehv-e-tabeeh to sab hain magar idraaq kahaan

Zindagi khud hi ibadat hai magar hosh nahin

( every one in engrossed in prayer but do they really understand the philosophy?

   Life itself can be a  prayer but few have the awareness of this fact)


husn se ishq juda hai na juda ishq se husn

kaun si shay hai jo aagosh-dar-aagosh nahin?

( can love stay away from beauty? can beauty stay away from love?

   Is there anything in this world which does not contain everything and is not contained in everything?)


paon uth sakte nahin manzil-e-jaana ke khilaf

aaur agar hosh ki poocho to mujhe hosh nahin

( I cannot take a single step which is not towards the house of my beloved,

  And I can perform this feat even if I am not in my senses)


ab to taseer-e-gham-e-ishq yahaan tak pahunchi

ke idhar hosh agar hai to udhar hosh nahin

( Now the effect of love’s pain has reached such an extent,

  that if here I am in my senses then though far away, she is not in her senses and vice versa)


mit chuke zehan se sab yaad-e-gujshta ke nakoosh

phir bhi ik cheez hai aisi ke faramosh nahin

 ( The pictures of the past have slowly faded away from my mind,

   yet there is one memory that has stayed even after so much time)


ishq gar husn ke jalwon ka hai marhoon-e-karam,

husn bhi ishq ke ehsaan se subukdosh nahin

( If love is indebted to the sights of beauty for its survival

  then beauty also finds its nourishment in love’s expression)


main faramosh hoon, nazaara faramosh nahin,

baat to hosh ki karta hoon magar hosh nahin

( I do not forget things however this sight will not last long

  I do talk as if I am in my senses, but I am not)


Mil ke jis din se gaya hai koi ik baar “Jigar”

Mujh ko ye veham hai jaise mera aagosh nahin

( Since the day she met me for a short time “Jigar”

  I have lost all sense of my own self)


Adam’s shers which have the same rhyme and meter:


Ye alag baat hai saqi ke mujhe hosh nahin,

warna main kuch bhi hoon, ehsaan faramosh nahin,

( It is true o saqi that I am not in my senses,

  I may have forgotten everything but I remember your generosity)


main teri mast nigahi ka bharam rakh loonga

hosh aaya bhi to keh doonga mujhe hosh nahin

( I will not let people doubt the myth of your intoxicating eyes,

  so even if my senses come back to me, I will act as if intoxicated)


yaad itna hai ke pahuncha dar-e-mainkhane tak,

kya kahoon aage ke aage ka mujhe hosh nahin

( I do remember that I reached the door of the tavern,

  what happened after that- I do not remember)


jo mujhe dekhta hai, naam tera leta hai

main to khamosh hoon, halat meri khamosh nahin

( whenever someone looks at me he immediately utters your name

  I promise that I have been silent, but my condition is not silent)






=== ======== ========== ======== ======== ========= ====

dard-e-gham-e-firaq ke yeh sakht marhale

hairaan hoon ke phir bhi tum itne haseen rahe 🙂

( The pain of staying away from me would

  have given you a lot of troubles and pain. But I

  am surprised that inspite of such hardships you remain as beautiful

  as before)

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