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From every location, the same name

Today we have a Shamim Jaipuri ghazal. It has been sung by Begum Akhtar:

And Talat Mehmood:

Kaabe se, butkade se, kabhi bazm-e-jaam se,
Awaaz de raha hoon tujhe har maquaam se.

(from the Kaaba, sometimes from the place of idols and sometimes from a gathering devoted to wine,
I am calling out your name from every possible place)

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I too await those laser beams that would annihilate me

Ghalib is timeless. His words and thoughts were beautiful in the 19th century, the 20th century and they continue to be beautiful in the 21st century.
Take the following couplet:

partav-e-khur se hai shabnam ko fana ki taalim,
main bhi hoon ik inayat ki nazar hone tak.

( The brilliance of the sun tells the dew drop to vaporize and vanish,
Our relationship is similar. I am waiting for that one benevolent glance from you)

See how beautifully Ghalib compares his beloved with the sun and himself with the dewdrop. And how simply and so effectively tells her that though it will be the cause of his suffering and misery, but he still longs for a benevolent glance from her.

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She looked and my complaints vanished instantly.

Today we have a Jigar Moradabadi Ghazal sung by Begum Akhtar:

is ishq ke hathon se hargiz na-mafar dekha,
utni hi badhi hasrat jitna hi udhar dekha.

( The path of love did not offer me any respite or refuge,
My desire continued to grow as I kept looking at her)

tha khel sa pehle ishq, lekin jo khuli aankhein,
dooba hua rag rag mein woh teer-e-nazar dekha.

( At first I thought of love as a game, an amusement, but then one day I realized
That in every vein of my body the arrows of her eyes had penetrated deep)

woh ashq bhari ankhein, yeh dard bhare naale,
allah na dikhlaye jo waqt-e-sehar dekha.

( My eyes were full of tears, my voice was full of pain,
I wish no one ever has to face the kind of situation that I faced in love)

jaate rahe dam bhar mein sare hi gile shikwe,
us jaan-e-tagaful nein jab aik nazar dekha.

( In one moment all my complaints vanished,
And that happened because that uncaring beloved looked at me once)

tha bais-e-ruswai har chand junoon mera,
unko bhi na chain aaya jab tak na idhar dekha.

( my madness for her was the cause of our disgrace,
And to add to that, she could not stop herself from looking at me in front of everyone)

yuun dil ke tadapane ka kuch to hai sabab aakhir,
yaan dard nein karvat li, yaan tumnein idhar dekha.

( The misery of my heart must have a reason:
Either the pain of love has reemerged or you looked at me once)

mathe pe pasina kyon? ankhon men nami si kyon?
kuch khair to hai, tumnein kya haal-e-Jigar dekha?

( You have sweat on your forehead, your eyes are moist,
What happened? Have you just met Jigar and seen his condition?)


=== = = = = = = ======= ===== ==== ======== = = = = = =
aik dil hai aaur toofan-e-hawadis ai “Jigar”
aik sheesha hai ke har patthar se takraata hoon main

( My one heart faces the violent storms of the world o “Jigar”
It is like a delicate piece of glass hitting one stone after another)
=== = = = = = = ======= ===== ==== ======== = = = = = =

=== = = = = =========== = ======== ============ ===
har lehza shaan-e-husn badalti rahi “Jigar”
har aan hum jahan-e-digar dekhte rahe

( with every passing moment the glory of her beauty changed “Jigar”
And at every step, I stood looking at her transforming world of beauty)
========= ==== = = ========= = ================

Some accidents are difficult to forget

Today we have a Jigar Moradabadi ghazal. It has been posted earlier in MHFL( several years back). But I recently found an extremely rare video of Jigar Moradabadi reciting this ghazal on Youtube. So I am posting it again.

Jigar reciting it:

This ghazal sung by Begum Akhtar:

duniya ke sitam yaad na apni hi wafaa yaad
ab mujh ko nahin kuch bhi mohabbat ke siwa yaad

( I do not remember the world’s cruelty, and I do not remember my faithfulness
Today I do not remember anything except those days of love)

cherra tha jise pehle pehal teri nazar nein
ab tak hai woh ik nagma-e-be-saaz-o-sada yaad

( the song that you awakened in my soul by looking at me once,
That wordless, soundless song still reverbates in my soul)

main shikwa-ba-lab tha mujhe yeh bhi na raha yaad
shaayad ke mere bhoolnewale ne kiya yaad

( I was full of complaints that I did not even remember
that she who had forgotten me may have remembered me for a moment)

jab koi haseen hota hai sargarm-e-nawazish
us waqt woh kuch aaur bhi aate hain siwa yaad

( When some beauty bestows her kind loving grace on me,
At that moment I miss her even more and remember those days of love)

kya jaaniye kya ho gaya arbab-e-junoon ko,
marne ki ada yaad na jeene ki ada yaad

( I do not know what has happened to the people who were supposed to be mad in love,
They do not seem to remember how to die properly and they have forgotten how to live)

muddat hui ik haadsa-e-ishq ko lekin
ab tak hai tere dil ke dharaknein ki sada yaad

( That accident of love occurred a long long time back,
but I still clearly remember the sound of your heartbeat)

haan haan tujhe kya kaam mere shiddat-e-gham se
haan haan nahin mujh ko tere daaman ki hawa yaad

( Oh yes. I agree, you have nothing to do with my unending/immense sadness
and oh yes, I do not rememer the breeze from the movement of your clothes)

main tark-e-rah-o-rasm-e-junoon kar hi chuka tha
kyoon aa gayi aise mein teri lagzish-e-pa yaad

( I had decided to end all contact with you and finish my love for you
but then suddenly your beautiful walk flashed before my eyes)

kya lutf ki main apna pata aap bataoon
keeje koi bhooli hui khaas apni ada yaad

( what is the fun if I remind you about myself,
why dont you try to recapitulate something special about me)


=== ===== ======== =============== =======================
Jigar who bhi za sar ta paa mohabbat hi mohabbat hain,
Magar unki mohabbat saaf pehchaani nahin jaati

( Jigar, she is full of love – from head to toe. She breathes love. Love is her.
Her actions do not seem like love but that is because her love is difficult to understand. It is different. Alag hai :-))
=== ===== ======== =============== =======================

I long for the desert. You long for your home

This is a beautiful Jigar Moradabadi ghazal. I had posted one sher from this ghazal last week.

It has been sung by Begum Akhtar:



woh ada-e-dilbari ho, ke nawa-e-aashiqana

jo dilon ko fateh kar le, wohi fateh-e-zamaana

( The grace of beauty or the songs of love-

   Whatever can win hearts, that can win the world)


yeh tera jamaal-e-kamil, yeh shabab ka zamaana

dil-e-dushmanan salamat, dil-e-dostan nishaana

( Your beauty- so perfect and complete and this enchanting world around us,

   The hearts of enemies are being spared but the hearts of friends have become targets)


kabhi husn ki tabeyat, na badal saka zamaana

wohi naaz-e-be-neyaazi, wohi shaan-e-khusruwana

( This world has never been able to change the characteristics of  beautiful people-

   That carefree arrogance and that pride of royalty)


teri doori-o-huzoori se hai kuch ajeeb aalam

abhi zindagi haqeeqat, abhi zindagi fasaana

( There is a strange effect created by the fact that you are close and yet so far away-

   Sometimes life looks like reality and sometimes it appears like a dream)


mere hum-safeer bulbul, mera tera saath hi kya?

main zameer-e-dasht-o-dariya, tu aseer-e-ashiana

( O nightingale who sings with me, our companionship is short-lived-

   For I have the heart that longs for oceans and deserts and you are a prisoner of your nest/house)


main woh saaf hi na keh doon jo hai farq mujh mein tujh mein

tera dard, dard-e-tanha, mera gham, gham-e-zamaana

( Let me state clearly the difference between you and me:

  Your pain is yours alone, but my pain is the sorrow of the whole world)


tere ishq ki karamat yeh agar nahin to kya hai?

kabhi be-adab na guzra mere paas se zamaana

( If this is not the miracle of your love then what is it?-

   That since you came to my life, the world has never crossed my path without bowing to me with respect)


main hoon us maqam par ab ke firaq-o-wasl kaise?

mera ishq bhi kahani, tera husn bhi fasaana

( I am at that stage of love that separation and meeting seem the same to me-

  For my love is just fiction and your beauty  just an illusion)


meri zindagi to guzri tere hijr ke sahaare-

meri maut ko bhi pyare koi chaahiye bahaana!

( My life has has had just one meaning- your longing

  But don’t you think that my death also needs a reason!

  [ The above sher says that the poet’s life is due to his beloved’s longing. Now the poet needs something to help his death. Since death is the opposite of life so he is suggesting something opposite to longing to make it possible- what? Meeting of course. That is the beauty of poetry. To be able to say so much without actually saying it] )


tere dil ke tootne par hai kisi ko naaz kya kya

tujhe ae “Jigar” mubarak yeh shikast-e-fatehaana

(  Do you know O Jigar, someone is extremely proud that she has broken your heart,

   Congratulations to you for you have achieved a victory in loss and a loss in victory)




======== ========== ======== =============== ======

junoon ke sakht maraahil bhi teri yaad ke saath

haseen haseen nazar aaye jawaan jawaan guzre

 [ In the tough times of separation and madness,  because I was surrounded by your memories,

 Those times  appeared so amazingly beautiful and so amazingly young]


======== ========== ======== =============== ======


==== =========== =========== ======= ===

mera kamaal-e-sher bas itna hi hai “Jigar”

woh hum pe chaa gaye, hum zamaane pe chaa gaye J

( The magic of my poetry can be summed up in just one line O Jigar:

   She has won my heart and I have won the world) J

==== =========== =========== ======= ===

Love is a funny business

A Sudarshan Fakir ghazal. It has been sung by Begum Akhtar:


Ahal-e-ulfat ke hawaalon pe hansi aati hai

laila majnun ke misalon pe hansi aati hai

( When the supporters of love talk highly of love, I feel like laughing

  When they give examples of people like “laila majnoon”, I feel like laughing)


Jab bhi taqmil-e-mohabbat ka khayaal aata hai

mujhko apne khyalon pe hansi aati hai

( whenever my thoughts go back to the time when my love ended,

  I feel like laughing at the thoughts that I had at that time)


Log apne liye auron mein wafaa dhoondhte hain

un wafa-dhoondhnewalon pe hansi aati hai

( People try to find sincerity in others for their own happiness,

  And I feel like laughing at these sincerity-seekers)


Dekhne walon tabassum ko karam mat samjho !

unhein to dekhnewalon pe hansi aati hai!

( O watchers of beautiful faces, don’t think that the smile on her face is out of any warmth for you,

  Actually people like her laugh in their minds at the people who look at them with admiration)


Chandani raat mohabbat mein haseen thi ‘fakir’

ab to bimaar ujaalon pe hansi aati hai

( The moonlit nights were at one time beautiful for me “Fakir”. Those were the days of love.

   Now I just feel like laughing at these sick sources of light)




=== ======== ======== ========== ===========

Rulati hai mujhe raaton ko khamoshi sitaron ki,

Nirala ishq hai mera, nirale mere naale hain

( The silence of stars at night sometimes brings tears to my eyes,

  So unique is my love, so unique are my cries of pain)

=== ======== ======== ========== ===========


=== ======== ======== ========== ===========

Raah-e-talab mein kaun kisika? apne bhi begaane hain,

Chand se mukhre, rashq-e-ghizalan, sab jaane pehchaane hain

( In this path of desire/love ,no one will walk with you, not even those you consider your own

  Moon like faces? Doe like eyes? Ha! I have seen and tested them all!)

=== ======== ======== ========== ===========

To lose is to win- and vice versa

A beautiful Shakeel Badayuni ghazal. It has been sung by Talat Mehmood and Begum Akhtar:

     ( talat)

   ( Begum Akhtar)

The Hindi film ghazal “hum bekhudi mein unko” sung by Rafi is based on similar rhyme and meter and has some similar shers. That ghazal is by Majrooh Sultanpuri.

Aankhon se door subah ke tare chale gaye,

Neend aa gayi to gham ke nazaare chale gaye

Na-kaami-e-hayaat ka karte bhi kya gila,

Do din guzaarna tha, guzaare chale gaye

Allah ri bekhudi ke hum unke hi rooh-ba-rooh

Be ikhteyaar unhein ko pukaare chale gaye

Dil tha kisi ki yaad mein masroof aaur hum,

Sheeshe mein zindagi ko utaare chale gaye

Mushkil tha kuch to ishq ki baazi ka jeetna,

Kuch jeetnein ke khauf se haare chale gaye.

Unke begair zeest beharhaal zeest thi,

Jaise guzar rahi thi guzaare chale gaye.

Jalwe kahaan jo zauk-e-tamaasha nahin “shakeel”

Nazrein chalein gayeen to nazaare chale gaye



Kya poochte ho lutf-e-hujoom-e-nazar “shakeel”

Kuch teer thay jo kalb-o-nazar se guzar gaye

( how should I explain the pleasures of the sights of beauty O Shakeel

Those were sharp arrows that pierced my heart and eyes)