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Show your pain so that she may laugh

Today we have a famous ghazal by Rana Akbarabadi. This was posted several years ago in MHFL. At that time I only knew of the Jagjit-Chitra rendition. Recently I found a much better rendition by Habib Wali Mohammad. I love this one:


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Listen to me once.

A Sudarshan Fakir ghazal. It has been sung beautifully by Chitra Singh:

I would not rate it very high in terms of poetic content( as was the case with a lot of Jagjit-Chitra ghazals especially the later years). However Chitra’s voice and music makes it so beautiful.

Meri zubaan se meri daastaan suno to sahi,

Yakeen karo na karo, meharbaan suno to sahi.

Chalo yeh maan liya, mujrim-e-mohabbat hain,

Hamare jurm ka hum se bayaan suno to sahi.

Banoge dost mere tum bhi dushmanon ik din,

Meri hayaat ki aah-o-fugaan suno to sahi.

Labon ko si ke jo baithe hain bazm-e-duniya mein,

Kabhi to unki bhi khamoshian suno to sahi.

Kahoge waqt to mujrim bhari baharon mein,

Jala tha kaise mera aashian suno to sahi.



Nakhat-e-zulf-e-parishaan, dastaan-e-shaam-e-gham,

Subah hone tak isi andaaz ki baatein karo

( The fragnance of your disheavelled hair, and the story of the sad evening,

   Till morning, please keep talking to me in this manner)


The endless wait

A Hasrat Mohani ghazal. It has been sung beautifully by Chitra Singh.

ab to uth sakta nahin aankhon se bar-e-intezar
kis tarah kaate koi lail-o-nahar-e-intezar?

( The burden of waiting cannot be lifted from my eyes
  does anyone know how to spend these days and nights of waiting?!)

unki ulfat ka yakeen ho, unke aane ki umeed
hoon yeh donon sooratein, tab hai bahar-e-intezar

( If I knew that she loves me and if I had hope that she will come
  If these both conditions were true then my waiting would have been so happy
  and joyous)

meri aahein naarsa, meri duaayen na kubool
ya ilahi kya karoon main sharm-e-saar-e-intezaar

( My pain is not understood by her, my wishes for her are disregarded
  God! what should I do to this waiting which is making me ashamed)

unke khat ki aarzo hai, unki aamad ka khayal
kis kadar phaila hua hai karobar-e-intezaar

( I am waiting for her letter, I wait for her to come back
  The various aspects of waiting extend far and wide all around me )


hijr ke sakht marahil bhi teri yaad ke saath,
haseen haseen nazar aaye, jawan jawan guzre

( the immensely difficult and sad times when you were away from me, because of your memory
  were spent with so much beauty, joy and zest)