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Let’s talk tonight

Cowper once said “There is a pleasure in poetic pains Which only poets know.”

To celebrate these poetic pains, today we have a Firaq Gorakhpuri ghazal.

It was sung beautifully by Vinod Sehgal in the old DD serial Kahkashan

( Note: when I translate the shers of a ghazal, my only aim is to help you with the meaning of some words. The true meaning of urdu poetry is lost when translated to English. So take the meaning of the words and read the sher again with those meanings in mind. I am saying this because I am myself not happy with my translations. But I still want to do them to help you understand the literal meaning of the urdu words. )

Sham-e-gham kuch us nigah-e-naaz ki baatein karo,

Bekhudi barhti chali hai, raaz ki baatein karo

( It is an evening of sadness, lets talk about the eyes of that beauty

  The intoxication is growing, lets talk about our secrets)

Yeh sukoot-e-naaz yeh dil ki ragon ka tootna,

Khamoshi mein kuch shikast-e-saaz ki baatein karo

(This silence of grace, this breaking of the veins of my heart

  In this silence lets talk about the defeat of music)

Kuch qafas ki teelion se chan raha hai noor sa,

Kuch faza, kuch hasrat-e-parwaaz ki baatein karo

( Through the bars of my cage, a little light is visible,

  Lets talk about the surroundings, and my desire to fly away)

Nakhat-e-zulf-e-parishaan, dastaan-e-shaam-e-gham,

Subah hone tak isi andaaz ki baatein karo

( The fragnance of your disheavelled hair, and the story of the sad evening,

   Till morning, please keep talking to me in this manner)

har rag-e-dil vazd mein aati rahe dukhti rahe,

yun hi us ke jaa-o-bejaa naaz kii baatein karo

( That each vein of my heart become ecstatic with happiness and filled with pain,

  Lets talk about her beauty and grace which is spread all around me)


jis ki furqat ne palat di ishq ki kaaya "Firaq"
aaj usi isaa-nafas dam-saaz ki baatein karo

( her separation has changed the course of my love “Firaq”
  Today lets talk about that intimate friend whose breath is as divine as  that of Christ)

Meri har ghazal ko yeh aarzoo, kare aise ko tere rooh-ba-rooh,
Jo tere hi jaisa ho sar-basar, jo tujh se hi milta ho hu-ba-hu

( my each ghazal has this one desire: to place in front of you
  Someone exactly like you from head to toe, someone who matches you in all respects)