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This spring has been a strange one indeed

Today we have a beautiful Faiz Ahmed Faiz Ghazal. I had posted this a long time back in MHFL.
It has been sung beautifully by many singers. Here are my recommended renditions:

Noor Jahan:

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Show your pain so that she may laugh

Today we have a famous ghazal by Rana Akbarabadi. This was posted several years ago in MHFL. At that time I only knew of the Jagjit-Chitra rendition. Recently I found a much better rendition by Habib Wali Mohammad. I love this one:


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Don’t have a garden? No worries. Time to relabel.

This Faiz Ahmed Faiz ghazal has always been a great favourite of mine. I have posted this earlier in MHFL but at that time I did not have any youtube/mp3 links to share with you. Also, this time I have added a few more shers.

Here is the recitation by Faiz himself and the rendition by Firdousi Begum:

Iqbal Bano version:

Habib Wali Mohammad:

Mehdi Hassan:

rang pairahan ka, khushboo zulf lehraane ka naam,
mausam-e-gul hai tumhare baam par aane ka naam

[ For me colours are defined by your clothes. For me scent is defined by your flowing
hair. And for me the definition of spring is that you have come out in the terrace ]

dosto us chashm-e-lab ki kuch kaho, jiske bagaair…
gulistaan ki baat rangeen hai, na maikhaane ka naam .

[ friends please some one talk about the pleasure filled fountain of those lips,
without which neither the talk of the garden, nor the wineshop makes any sense]

phir nazar mein phool mehke, dil mein phir shammein jaleen,
phir tasawwur nein liya us bazm mein jaane ka naam

[ again my eyes see flowers all around, again my heart lights up with the candle of hope
because I just thought about going to her mehfil again tonight]

Dilbari tehra zuban-e-khalk khulwane ka naam,
ab nahin lete pari-roo zulf bikhrane ka naam.

[ The very sign of love causes the whole world to gossip,
So, my fairy faced beloved, I will never ask you to let loose your tresses]

Ab kisi laila ko bhi iqrar-e-mehboobi nahin,
in dinon badnaam hai har aik deewane ka naam.

[ Today no “laila”( beloved) will declare her love openly,
This is because all lovers have now been defamed.]

Mohtasib ki khair, ooncha hai usi ke faiz se
Rind ka, saqi ka, main ka, khum ka, paimane ka naam.

( Bless the critics, it is because of their grace
The drunkard, the saqi(wine pourer), the wine, the cask and the wine glass have all become famous)

hum se kehte hain chamanwaale: “gareeb-aanay-chaman…”
“tum koi aacha sa rakh lo apne veerane ka naam ”

[ The people who own gardens console me : ” We agree that you don’t have a garden ..”
” But why don’t you give your barren desolate land a fancy name ??” ]

Faiz unko hai takaza-e-wafa humse jinhein …
aashna ke naam se pyaara hai begaane ka naam

[ “Faiz” , she expects sincerity from me …
she for whom the names of strangers is more precious than the name of this friend ]

= = = = = = = = = = = = = =============== ============== =============
udhar ik haraf ke kushtani, yahan laakh uzr tha guftani
jo kaha to sun se ura diya, jo likha to parh ke mita diya

( from her there was only one word: destroy/finish
And from my side there were the desire to say a thousand words to her to explain my point of view.
What I said was heard and instantly forgotten.
And what I wrote was read and instantly erased)
= = = = = = = = = = = = = =============== ============== =============

Nothing has changed. Can it ever change?

Today we have a ghazal sung beautifully by Habib Wali Mohammed. The name of the poet is Tajwar Najibabadi.

Mohabbat mein zubaan ko main nawa-sanj-e-fugaan kar loon,
Sikasta dil ki aahon ko hareef-e-na-tavaan kar loon

( Let me now use my tongue to express the complains and cries of my heart,
I want to give power to the sighs of my broken heart so that they can come out)

Na main badla, na woh badle, na dil ki aarzoo badli,
Main kyonkar aitbaar-e-inquilab-e-aasmaan kar loon?

( I have not changed, she has not changed, my heart’s desires have not changed,
Then how can I have any faith in the future and the changes that it is supposed to bring?)

Na kar mehv-e-tamashaa ai tahiyyur, itni mohallat de,
Main unse dastaan-e-dard-e-dil kuch to bayaan kar loon.

( O Astonishment, don’t engross me so much in these sights. Give me some time….
So that I can go to her and express the tale of the suffering of my heart)

Sabab har aik mujhse poochta hai mere rone ka,
Ilaahi sari duniya ko main kyonkar raazdan kar loon?

( Everyone around me is asking the reason for my tears,
O God, why should I make the whole world my confidant?)


== === === === === === === == = = = = = =============

kisi ko de ke dil koi nawa-sanj-e-fugan kyon ho?
na ho jab dil hi seene mein to phir moonh mein zubaan kyon ho?

( When you have given her your heart, then why should you cry and complain?
You should have given up your tongue the day you gave up your heart!)

wafa kaisi? kahan ka ishq? jab sar phorna tehra
to phir ai sang-e-dil tera hi sang-e-aastan kyon ho?

( What love?! What sincerity?! When all I get to do is to bang my head on
a doorstep,
then whether it is your doorstep, O stone hearted one, or someone else’s doorstep, how does
it matter?)
== === === === === === === == = = = = = =============

Just smile and walk by without even looking

Today we have a Jigar Moradabadi ghazal.

Sung beautifully by Habib Wali Mohammed

Sung by Gulshan Ara Syed:

niyaz-o-naaz ke jhagde mitaye jaate hain,
hum un mein aur woh hum mein samaaye jaate hain

( The constant battles between her pride and my requests are now over,
For she is now becoming a part of me, and I a part of her)

yeh naaz-e-husn to dekho ki dil ko tadpa-ke
nazar milate nahin, muskuraye jaate hain

( witness the pride of beauty: after subjecting my heart to immense and unbearable desire,
She does not even look at me, she just walks by with a smile on her face)

Rawan-rawan liye jaati hai aarzoo-e-wisaal
Kashan-kashan tere nazdeek aaye jaate hain

( my desire to meet you keeps me in constant motion,
And slowly-slowly I keep moving in your direction)

mere junoon-e-tamanna ka kuch khayal nahin
lajaye jate hain, daaman churaye jaate hain

( She does not care about what happens to the madness of my desires,
She just keeps being shy and drawing away from me)

jo dil se uthte hain shole woh aag ban ban kar
tamam manzar-e-fitarat pe chhaye jaate hain

( the sparks that fly from my heart, become blazing fires,
And are spreading all over the visible surroundings)

main apni aah ke sadke ki meri aah mein bhi
teri nigah ke andaz paye jaate hain

( I bless my sighs of grief/pain because even in these sighs,
I can feel the manner in which you looked at me)

ilahi tark-e-mohabbat bhi kya mohabbat hai
bhulaate hain unhein, woh yaad aaye jaate hain

( God, what kind of love is this ending of love?
I keep trying to forget her but the memories of her keep haunting me)


== === === === == =================
Aitbaar barta hai aaur bhi mohabbat ka,
Jab woh ajnabi bankar paas se guzarte hain

( My faith in our love becomes even stronger,
When she acts like a stranger and walks by without even looking.)
== === === === == =================