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Who wants paradise if there is no pain of love there?

Poetry Lovers,


Today we have a beautiful Altaf Hussain Hali ghazal.

It has been sung beautifully by Mehdi Hassan and Ghulam Ali:

Mehdi Hassan:

Ghulam Ali:


Aage barhe na qissa-e-ishq-e-butan se hum,

Sab kuch kaha magar na khule raazdaan se hum.

( I could not go beyond the love for worldly beauty

  I have said so much to my friend but still a lot is left to be said)


ab bhaagte hain saaya-e-ishq-e-butan se hum

kuch dil se hain dare hue kuch aasman se hum

( Now I run away from even the shadows of these earthly beauties

  I am afraid of my own heart and I am afraid of my own fate in matters of love)


hanste hain us ke giriya-e-beikhtiyar par

bhule hain baat keh ke koi raazdaan se hum

( I laugh at how she is crying uncontrollably

 But maybe I have said something to her and forgotten what it was)


ab shauq se bigad ki baaten kiya karo

kuch pa gaye hain aap ke tarz-e-bayaan se hum

( Now I have no problem when you speak to me angrily. So please continue in this manner.

 In fact, I have stared finding pleasure in your angry tone also)


jannat mein tu nahin agar yeh zakhm-e-teg-e-ishq

badlenge tujhko zindagi-e-jawedan se hum

( if paradise does not give me the wounds of the sword of love

  Then I would rather exchange paradise for an infinite life on earth)


dard-e-firaq-o-rashk-e-adu tak giraan nahin

tang aa gaye hain apne dil-e-shaadmaan se hum

( Now I do not have problems with the pain of separation or even the jealousy for my rival

  I am really getting annoyed with my heart that is always in a happy state)


lazzat tere kalaam mein aayi kahaan se yeh

poochenge ja ke Haali-e-jaadu-bayaan se hum

( From where did you find such beauty in your poetry,

  We will ask this question when we meet Hali- the poet with a magical expression)




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ik umr chahiye ke ganwaara ho naish-e-ishq 
rakkhi hai aaj lazzat-e-zakhm-e-jigar kahaan 

( it takes a complete life to fully appreciate the pain of love

  The wound of the heart is still not at its painful best)

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