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Don’t have a garden? No worries. Time to relabel.

This Faiz Ahmed Faiz ghazal has always been a great favourite of mine. I have posted this earlier in MHFL but at that time I did not have any youtube/mp3 links to share with you. Also, this time I have added a few more shers.

Here is the recitation by Faiz himself and the rendition by Firdousi Begum:

Iqbal Bano version:

Habib Wali Mohammad:

Mehdi Hassan:

rang pairahan ka, khushboo zulf lehraane ka naam,
mausam-e-gul hai tumhare baam par aane ka naam

[ For me colours are defined by your clothes. For me scent is defined by your flowing
hair. And for me the definition of spring is that you have come out in the terrace ]

dosto us chashm-e-lab ki kuch kaho, jiske bagaair…
gulistaan ki baat rangeen hai, na maikhaane ka naam .

[ friends please some one talk about the pleasure filled fountain of those lips,
without which neither the talk of the garden, nor the wineshop makes any sense]

phir nazar mein phool mehke, dil mein phir shammein jaleen,
phir tasawwur nein liya us bazm mein jaane ka naam

[ again my eyes see flowers all around, again my heart lights up with the candle of hope
because I just thought about going to her mehfil again tonight]

Dilbari tehra zuban-e-khalk khulwane ka naam,
ab nahin lete pari-roo zulf bikhrane ka naam.

[ The very sign of love causes the whole world to gossip,
So, my fairy faced beloved, I will never ask you to let loose your tresses]

Ab kisi laila ko bhi iqrar-e-mehboobi nahin,
in dinon badnaam hai har aik deewane ka naam.

[ Today no “laila”( beloved) will declare her love openly,
This is because all lovers have now been defamed.]

Mohtasib ki khair, ooncha hai usi ke faiz se
Rind ka, saqi ka, main ka, khum ka, paimane ka naam.

( Bless the critics, it is because of their grace
The drunkard, the saqi(wine pourer), the wine, the cask and the wine glass have all become famous)

hum se kehte hain chamanwaale: “gareeb-aanay-chaman…”
“tum koi aacha sa rakh lo apne veerane ka naam ”

[ The people who own gardens console me : ” We agree that you don’t have a garden ..”
” But why don’t you give your barren desolate land a fancy name ??” ]

Faiz unko hai takaza-e-wafa humse jinhein …
aashna ke naam se pyaara hai begaane ka naam

[ “Faiz” , she expects sincerity from me …
she for whom the names of strangers is more precious than the name of this friend ]

= = = = = = = = = = = = = =============== ============== =============
udhar ik haraf ke kushtani, yahan laakh uzr tha guftani
jo kaha to sun se ura diya, jo likha to parh ke mita diya

( from her there was only one word: destroy/finish
And from my side there were the desire to say a thousand words to her to explain my point of view.
What I said was heard and instantly forgotten.
And what I wrote was read and instantly erased)
= = = = = = = = = = = = = =============== ============== =============


Who is the cause of all this light?

Today we have a beautiful ghazal sung by Iqbal Bano. The poet is Iqbal Safipuri.
I had posted this ghazal several years back in MHFL but at that time this ghazal was not available online so I could not share the recital with you.
Here is Iqbal Bano singing this ghazal:

Kasrat-e-jalwa se chashm-e-shauk kis mushkil mein hai,
Itni shammein kab hain jitni roshni mehfil mein hai.

( The eyes that desire to see beauty are so tired searching for that beauty,
who has lit up the entire gathering. The eyes know that there is a hidden beauty who is the cause
of all this light because the light from all the lamps in the “mehfil” is much less than the total light in the “mehfil”)

Aik andaaz-e-tabassum mein hai gum saara chaman,
Yeh khabar kisko kali ki jaan kis mushkil mein hai.

( The whole garden seems to be smiling in its blossom,
But does anyone know what the flower bud is going through?)

Shauk ki deewangi tai kar gayi kitnein maquaam,
Aqal jis manzil mein thi ab tak usi manzil mein hai.

( The madness of passion has crossed many levels,
But reason is still where it was earlier. The poet says that passion can go far beyond reason because it has no limits)

Dil na ho shamil to phir tanha faroosh-e-saaz kya,
Woh tarap nagmein mein kab hai, jo shikst-e-dil mein hai.

( If the heart is not in it then no matter how much the instrument plays, the music has no soul
The pain in any song cannot match the agony that can be felt by a broken heart. The poet says that it is the broken heart that can infuse soul into music)

Dil na therega to phir toofan mein laut aayenge hum,
Dekhte hain kitni wusat daaman-e-sahil mein hai.

( if my heart does not find solace on the shore then I will go back into the storm,
Let’s see if the shore has enough power to keep me away from the storm in the sea)

Hum bhi ai “Iqbal” hain garm-e-safar kis shaan se,
Aik kaanta paon mein hai, aik kaanta dil mein hai.

( “Iqbal”, with great pride and enthusiasm I travel on my path,
I don’t care about the thorn that is in my foot or the one that is embedded in my heart)


============= ================ ======================== ==============
bazm-e-hasti, apni aarish pe itni naazan na ho!
tu to ik tasveer hai mehfil ki aaur mehfil hoon main!

( Don’t be too proud of your beauty…
You are just a picture in an assembly but I am the eyes that
have the capability to admire that picture. Without my eyes your beauty has no value.)
============ ======= ================================== ==============

============ ======= ================================== ==============

woh nawaa-e-muzmahil kya, na ho jis mein dil ki dharkan
woh sadaa-e-ahal-e-dil kya jo awaam tak na pahunche

( What is the point of singing a song that does not contain your heartbeat.
What is the point of a voice from the heart that does not reach the whole human population)
============ ======= ================================== ==============