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I too await those laser beams that would annihilate me

Ghalib is timeless. His words and thoughts were beautiful in the 19th century, the 20th century and they continue to be beautiful in the 21st century.
Take the following couplet:

partav-e-khur se hai shabnam ko fana ki taalim,
main bhi hoon ik inayat ki nazar hone tak.

( The brilliance of the sun tells the dew drop to vaporize and vanish,
Our relationship is similar. I am waiting for that one benevolent glance from you)

See how beautifully Ghalib compares his beloved with the sun and himself with the dewdrop. And how simply and so effectively tells her that though it will be the cause of his suffering and misery, but he still longs for a benevolent glance from her.

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What did I get?

A Seemab Akbarabadi ghazal. It has been sung by the legendary K.L Sehgal:

ab kya bataoon main tere milnein se kya mila
irfaan-e-gham hua mujhe, dil ka pata mila

( How should I describe what I have got by being associated with you,
  I have gained the wisdom of pain, I have understood my own heart)

jab door tak na koi faqir aashna mila
tera niyaaz-mand tere dar se ja mila

( When I could find no friendly saint in my searches,
  I, your humble worshipper sat in front of your door… forever)

manzil mili, murad mili, mudaa mila
sab kuch mujhe mila jo tera naqsh-e-pa mila

( I found an aim, I found desire, I found the meaning of life
  I found all these things when I found the print of your feet)

ya zakham-e-dil ko cheer ke seene se phenk de
ya aitraaf kar ke nishaan-e-wafa mila

( Either rip out the scars of your heart and throw them out
  Or accept that your heart has got the signature of sincerity)

“Seemab” ko shagufta na dekha tamam umar
kambakht jab mila hamein kam-aashna mila

( I have never found “Seemab” cheerful in his whole life
  whenever I met him he was unhappy and unfriendly)


mazaa aa jayega mahshar mein kuch sunne sunaane ka
zubaan hogi hamaari aaur kahaani aapki hogi

( On the day of Judgement the greatest moment will be when,
  I recite the story of my life but it would be a story about you)

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