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Necessary and Sufficient condition

A Faiz Ahmed Faiz Ghazal. It has been sung by Mehdi Hassan and Mashooq Ali Khan


dil mein ab yuun tere bhoole hue gham aate hain
jaise bichre hue kaabe mein sanam aate hain

( Your long-forgotten sorrows now come to my heart again
as though some forsaken idols return to the place of worship)

ek ek karke hue jaate hain tare roshan
meri manzil ki taraf unke kadam aate hain

( One by one the stars light up on the path
they also seem aware that your feet take steps to come to me)

raqs-e-mai tez karo, saaz ki lai tez karo
soo-e-maikhaana safiran-e-haram aate hain

( Speed up the service of wine, make the music faster…
the preacher of the temple comes to the tavern)

kuch hameen ko nahin ehsaan uthaane ka dimaag
woh to jab aate hain mail-ba-karam aate hain

( It is I who does not want to accept any favours from her….
She is however very generous towards me. [ this sher has to be
interpreted in the opposite way: In reality the beloved is not
kind to the poet. But the poet wants to show that though the beloved is always
willing to oblidge, the poet does not want to accept any favours from her
But how do we know that the beloved is unkind? What if she is actually generous?
Well, nobody writes poetry for such beloveds! You have to be a cruel Beloved to find
a place in poetry. It is a necessary and sufficient condition! ])

aur kuch der na guzre shab-e-furkat se kaho
dil bhi kab dukhta hai, woh yaad bhi kam aate hain

( Tell the evening of seperation to last for a few hours more….
Now The heart pains much less, and I remember her a lot less)


jo ruke to koh-e-garan thay hum, jo chale to jaan se guzar gaye
raah-e-yaar hum nein kadam kadam, tujhe yaadgaar bana diya

( When I stood still I became a hill of stone, when I walked I crossed the boundaries of life
…I made a shrine in your memory at every step on the road on which I walked)