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This spring has been a strange one indeed

Today we have a beautiful Faiz Ahmed Faiz Ghazal. I had posted this a long time back in MHFL.
It has been sung beautifully by many singers. Here are my recommended renditions:

Noor Jahan:

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Unintentionally she fulfilled many promises

Today we have a beautiful Ghalib ghazal. It has been sung my many singers:

Talat Mehmood:

Mehdi Hassan:

Barkat Ali Khan: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DTjvkT9ZpZ8

us bazm mein mujhe nahin banti haya kiye,
baitha raha, agarche ishaare hua kiye.

( I kept on sitting in my beloved’s mehfil unabashed
Even though several times I was signalled to leave)

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If life is left, we have to keep executing as per plan

Today we have a Ghalib ghazal. It has been sung by many singers:

Mehdi Hassan: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zBVLdYw98s4
Shabnam Majeed: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=68oc6OyP5cc ( this is my favorite version)
Vinod Sehgal: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3EgTH1NAtW8 ( This is from the famous “Mirza Ghalib” serial)
Talat Mehmood: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_hrdpvYjQ6U ( beautifully sung by the immortal Talat)
Munni Begum: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xHUnbodn57Y

koi din gar zindagani aaur hai,
apne ji mein hamnein thaani aaur hai.

( If there is still some life left,
Then I do have a great plan on how best to spend these years of life)

aatish-e-dozakh mein yeh garmi kahan,
soz-e-gam haye nihaani aaur hai.

( The fires of hell are not as intense
As the fire that is raging hidden in my chest)

barha dekhein hain un ki ranjishein,
par kuch ab ke sargiraani aaur hai.

( I have seen the temper of my beloved many times,
But this time her anger is of an extraordinary magnitude)

deke khat munh dekhta hai namabar,
kuch to paigaam-e-zabaani aaur hai.

( the messenger gives me a letter from my beloved but instead of walking away, stays and keeps staring at me,
I am sure that there is a message from her that she wanted the messenger to deliver orally)

Qata-e-amar hai aksar nujum,
woh bala-e-aasmani aaur hai.

( The stars often change the course of human lives
But this star ( probably referring to the beloved) is more powerful than others in the sky)

ho chukin “Ghalib” balayen sab tamaam,
aik marg-e-nagahani aaur hai.

( Ghalib has already experienced and solved all sorts of problems
But one day death will come and that problem is not so easily resolved)

= = = = = = = = = = = = === == = ==========
Yeh masail-e-tasawwuf, yeh tera bayaan Ghalib,
Tujhe hum wali samajhte, jo na baadakhwaar hota

( Ghalib, your poetry is full of philosophy and mysticism. And the way you express your thoughts is just amazing.
Because of these things we would have considered you a great saint but your problem of drinking wine stops us)
= = = = = = = = = = = = === == = ==========

Don’t have a garden? No worries. Time to relabel.

This Faiz Ahmed Faiz ghazal has always been a great favourite of mine. I have posted this earlier in MHFL but at that time I did not have any youtube/mp3 links to share with you. Also, this time I have added a few more shers.

Here is the recitation by Faiz himself and the rendition by Firdousi Begum:

Iqbal Bano version:

Habib Wali Mohammad:

Mehdi Hassan:

rang pairahan ka, khushboo zulf lehraane ka naam,
mausam-e-gul hai tumhare baam par aane ka naam

[ For me colours are defined by your clothes. For me scent is defined by your flowing
hair. And for me the definition of spring is that you have come out in the terrace ]

dosto us chashm-e-lab ki kuch kaho, jiske bagaair…
gulistaan ki baat rangeen hai, na maikhaane ka naam .

[ friends please some one talk about the pleasure filled fountain of those lips,
without which neither the talk of the garden, nor the wineshop makes any sense]

phir nazar mein phool mehke, dil mein phir shammein jaleen,
phir tasawwur nein liya us bazm mein jaane ka naam

[ again my eyes see flowers all around, again my heart lights up with the candle of hope
because I just thought about going to her mehfil again tonight]

Dilbari tehra zuban-e-khalk khulwane ka naam,
ab nahin lete pari-roo zulf bikhrane ka naam.

[ The very sign of love causes the whole world to gossip,
So, my fairy faced beloved, I will never ask you to let loose your tresses]

Ab kisi laila ko bhi iqrar-e-mehboobi nahin,
in dinon badnaam hai har aik deewane ka naam.

[ Today no “laila”( beloved) will declare her love openly,
This is because all lovers have now been defamed.]

Mohtasib ki khair, ooncha hai usi ke faiz se
Rind ka, saqi ka, main ka, khum ka, paimane ka naam.

( Bless the critics, it is because of their grace
The drunkard, the saqi(wine pourer), the wine, the cask and the wine glass have all become famous)

hum se kehte hain chamanwaale: “gareeb-aanay-chaman…”
“tum koi aacha sa rakh lo apne veerane ka naam ”

[ The people who own gardens console me : ” We agree that you don’t have a garden ..”
” But why don’t you give your barren desolate land a fancy name ??” ]

Faiz unko hai takaza-e-wafa humse jinhein …
aashna ke naam se pyaara hai begaane ka naam

[ “Faiz” , she expects sincerity from me …
she for whom the names of strangers is more precious than the name of this friend ]

= = = = = = = = = = = = = =============== ============== =============
udhar ik haraf ke kushtani, yahan laakh uzr tha guftani
jo kaha to sun se ura diya, jo likha to parh ke mita diya

( from her there was only one word: destroy/finish
And from my side there were the desire to say a thousand words to her to explain my point of view.
What I said was heard and instantly forgotten.
And what I wrote was read and instantly erased)
= = = = = = = = = = = = = =============== ============== =============

My fate is engraved on my forehead

Today we have a Ghalib ghazal. It has been sung beautifully by Mehdi Hassan:

and Farida Khanum:

Hum par jafa se tark-e-wafa ka gumaan nahin
Ik cherr hai wagarna muraad imtehaan nahin

( Her indifference to me is not a sign that she wants to break our relationship,
She is only teasing me and not testing my faith)

Kis munh se shukr keejiye is lutf-e-khas ka,
Pursish hai aur paa-e-sukhan darmayan nahin

( How can I thank her for this special grace/gift,
She is asking me about my well being without saying even a word)

Humko sitam aziz, sitamgar hamein aziz,
Na meharbaan nahin hai, gar meharbaan nahin

( Her cruelty is dear to me, and she, though cruel is dear to me,
She is not unkind to me though she is also not considerate)

Hai nang-e-seena, dil agar aatish kada na ho,
Hai aar-e-dil, nafs agar aazar fishaan nahin

( if the heart is without the fire of love then it is a shame for the chest,
Useless is that breath/sigh that does not set the heart ablaze)

Nuksaan nahin junoon mein, bala se ho ghar kharab,
Sau gaz zameen ke badle, bayaabaan giraan nahin

( I have not lost anything in my passion/madness, though I am homeless,
In place of a 100 yards piece of land, I now roam in infinite wilderness. Is that not a huge gain?)

Bosa nahin na deejiye, dushnaam hi sahi,
Aakhir zubaan to rakhte ho tum, gar dahaan nahin.

( Okay do not kiss me, instead shut me up with an abuse,
Surely you have a tongue, even if you have no lips)

Kehte ho “kya likha hai teri sarnawisht mein?”
Goya jabeen pe sajda-e-but ka nishaan nahin?

( You ask me “what is written in your fate?”
Look at my forehead, don’t you will see “reverence for beauty/worship for beauty” engraved on it? That is my fate.)

Paata hoon us se daad kuch apne kalaam ki,
Roohulqadas agarche mera humzubaan nahin.

( If someone really appreciates my poetry, it is the holy angel,
Though I must say that the holy angel does not share my viewpoint that I express in my poems)


==== ========= ============= ========================
jo yeh kahay ke rekhta, kyonkar ho rashk-e-Farsi
gufta-e-Ghalib aik baar parh ke use suna ke Yuun!

( if you meet someone who says “ why would farsi(Persian) ever be envious of Urdu( rekhta)? Farsi is a superior language”,
Read to him a few poems of Ghalib and tell him: This is why!)

==== ========= ============= ========================

Who wants paradise if there is no pain of love there?

Poetry Lovers,


Today we have a beautiful Altaf Hussain Hali ghazal.

It has been sung beautifully by Mehdi Hassan and Ghulam Ali:

Mehdi Hassan:

Ghulam Ali:


Aage barhe na qissa-e-ishq-e-butan se hum,

Sab kuch kaha magar na khule raazdaan se hum.

( I could not go beyond the love for worldly beauty

  I have said so much to my friend but still a lot is left to be said)


ab bhaagte hain saaya-e-ishq-e-butan se hum

kuch dil se hain dare hue kuch aasman se hum

( Now I run away from even the shadows of these earthly beauties

  I am afraid of my own heart and I am afraid of my own fate in matters of love)


hanste hain us ke giriya-e-beikhtiyar par

bhule hain baat keh ke koi raazdaan se hum

( I laugh at how she is crying uncontrollably

 But maybe I have said something to her and forgotten what it was)


ab shauq se bigad ki baaten kiya karo

kuch pa gaye hain aap ke tarz-e-bayaan se hum

( Now I have no problem when you speak to me angrily. So please continue in this manner.

 In fact, I have stared finding pleasure in your angry tone also)


jannat mein tu nahin agar yeh zakhm-e-teg-e-ishq

badlenge tujhko zindagi-e-jawedan se hum

( if paradise does not give me the wounds of the sword of love

  Then I would rather exchange paradise for an infinite life on earth)


dard-e-firaq-o-rashk-e-adu tak giraan nahin

tang aa gaye hain apne dil-e-shaadmaan se hum

( Now I do not have problems with the pain of separation or even the jealousy for my rival

  I am really getting annoyed with my heart that is always in a happy state)


lazzat tere kalaam mein aayi kahaan se yeh

poochenge ja ke Haali-e-jaadu-bayaan se hum

( From where did you find such beauty in your poetry,

  We will ask this question when we meet Hali- the poet with a magical expression)




== ======= ============ ========== ==========

ik umr chahiye ke ganwaara ho naish-e-ishq 
rakkhi hai aaj lazzat-e-zakhm-e-jigar kahaan 

( it takes a complete life to fully appreciate the pain of love

  The wound of the heart is still not at its painful best)

== ======= ============ ========== ========== 

Same problems again? Please…no. But on second thoughts, yes!

Dear poetry lovers,


Today we have a beautiful Iqbal poem.

It has been sung exceptionally well by Sanam Marvi.  I have heard this ghazal over 50 times in the last few days.

This particular rendition by Sanam satisfies the criteria that I have for a beautiful song. The criteria is described  in this sher:               


woh nawaa-e-muzmahil kya, na ho jis mein dil ki dharkan

woh sadaa-e-ahal-e-dil kya jo awaam tak na pahunche


( What is the point of singing a song that does not contain your heartbeat.

What is the point of a cry from the heart that does not reach the whole human population)



Here is the Sanam Marvi version:




Mehdi Hassan has also sung this ghazal nicely:



Here is the Iqbal poem:


parishaan hoon ke meri khaak aakhir dil na ban jaye

jo mushkil ab hai ya rab, phir wahi mushkil na ban jaye


( I am worried that my ashes may once again become a heart,

  And then the pain that I suffer now will come back to haunt me)


na kar dein mujh ko majboor-e-nawaa firdaus mein hoorein

mera soz-e-daroon phir garmi-e-mehfil na ban jaye


( The nymphs of paradise may force me to sing again,

  And then the scars of my heart will again warm the hearts of the listeners)


kabhi choori hui manzil bhi yaad aati hai raahi ko

khatak si hai jo seene mein gham-e-manzil na ban jaye


( Sometimes the destination that a traveler leaves behind comes back to his memory,

   The little uneasy feeling in my heart may grow to become a sadness for the lost destination )


banaya  ishq ne daryaa-e-na- paida-karaan mujh ko

yeh meri khud-nigeh-daari mera sahil na ban jaye


( Love has made me an infinite boundless ocean,

  But my self-awareness/self-control may put a shore around me.

This is a beautiful sher. The poet is saying that love makes you infinite but then you create boundaries for yourself by exercising self-control in love.)


kahin is aalam-e-be-rang-o-bu mein bhi talab meri

wahi afsaana-e-dunbala-e-mahmil na ban jaye


( I fear that even in the world beyond, the world that is devoid of sensory experience, my desire may again,

  Create the same long story of unending and hopeless quest )


urooj-e-adam-e-khaaki se anjum sahme jaate hain

ke yeh toota hua tara mah-e-kaamil na ban jaye


( The stars have become fearful of the heights that man has reached,

  They worry that this little piece from a broken star may one day become the full moon)




== == == == == == == == == == == == == == == == ==== == ==

jo yeh daur bewafaa hai, tera gham to mustakil ho.

woh hayaat-e-aashqi kya jo davaam tak na pahunche?


( Your love was temporary.These times are temporary.But I hope that  the pain that you gave me is permanent.

  What is the point of life dedicated to love which does not extend to infinity/eternity)

== == == == == == == == == == == == == == == == ==== == ==