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I would bother her soft silky hair only in extreme emergency situation.

Today we have a beautiful Shakeel Badayuni ghazal. This ghazal was recited in a mushiara in the movie Palki. Rafi recited a few of the shers. Real great stuff.

( Note that some of the words were not clear in the first sher of the youtube video so I used my own words to make the sher look good. I had no other way because I could not find this ghazal anywhere else( not even in the Shakeel badayuni book that I have))

Tum hi hamaare saath nahin, ab sair-e-gulistaan kaun kare?
Honton ke ishaare kaun kare, phoolon to pashemaan kaun kare?

( When you are not with me then what is the point of walking in the garden,
For who apart from you can embarrass the flowers with the slightest movement of the lips)

Rahat ki duaein kyon mangein? Taskeen ke samaan kaun kare?
Yeh dard kisi ka tohfa hai, is dard ka darmaan kaun kare?

( Why should I wish for respite? Why should I ask for contentment and peace?
This pain is a gift from someone, why would I want a cure for this pain?)

Is dil mein kisi ki yaadein hain, jannat se haseen hai dil mera,
Is taj mahal ke daman mein ab gair ko mehmaan kaun kare?

( The memories of someone live in this heart, and because of this my heart is more beautiful than paradise.
How can I let someone else enter the domain of this taj mahal)

Pedon ki ghani chaaon mein kahin yeh dhoop guzar hi jayegi.
Ab unki mulayam resham si zulfon ko pareshaan kaun kare?

( After some time some trees will shade me from these hot rays of the sun,
So why should I unnecessarily bother her soft and silky locks of hair?)

Chup chup ke woh khud sun lete hain awaaz meri ashaar mere,
Afsaana suna kar ab unka ruswai ka samaan kaun kare?

( Hiding from the world she finds a way to listen to my words and my poetry,
Why should I tell her story before everyone and make her infamous)

Us shokh ke dast-e-nazuk se har teer khata ho jata hai,
Hum aap nishaana ban jayein, qatil ko pashemaan kaun kare?

( Her delicate hands cannot even launch arrows properly,
So I think I should deliberately come in front of those arrows. Otherwise she will not be able to kill me and she will feel bad about it)

Din raat unhein khat likhte hain, din raat duaein karte hain,
Fursat hi nahin hai hathon ko, ab chaak garebaan kaun kare?

( My days and nights are spent in either writing letters to her or praying for her,
My hands are not even free for a second, so I cannot tear my clothes [ Note that in urdu poetry tearing one’s clothes is an important sign of madness in love. Majnun did it and set an example for everyone,])


=== ========== ============= ============
Ya rab gham-e-hijran mein itna to kiya hota,
Jo haath jigar par tha woh dast-e-dua hota

( O God, I wish that in those sad days of separation from her,
Instead of always keeping my hand on my broken heart, I had raised it up in prayer)
=== ========== ============= ============

=== ======== ============ =================
kisi aankh to sadaa do kisi zulf ko pukaaro
bari dhoop par rahi hai, koi saibaan nahin hai

( Call some eye, invite some locks of hair
the sun is beating down on me and I need some
shade [ The sun here stands for the troubles of
life. The poet wants to be shaded from these
troubles by a pair of lovely eyes and some
locks of hair])
=== ======== ============ =================

==== ================ =====================
tirchi nazroon se na dekho aashiq-e-dilgir ko,
kaise teer-andaaz ho? seedha to kar lo teer ko!

( Don’t look at your dejected admirer with slanting eyes!
Don’t you know that the first principle of archery is
to shoot the arrow straight and not slanting?! )
==== ================ =====================


what should I say? You already know.


A beautiful Mohammed Rafi ghazal. I heard while driving to office today morning. Put a smile on my face and warmth in my heart. The voice is beautiful, the music is beautiful, the lyrics are beautiful. So different from the “songs” that are given to us by the “music” industry these days.



The music is by Madan Mohan and the poet is Majrooh.



Tujhe kya sunaon main dilruba, tere saamnein mera haal hai,

Teri ik nigah ki baat hai, meri zindadi ka sawaal hai.


Meri har khushi tere dam se hai, meri zindagi tere gham se hai,

Tere dard se rahe bekhabar, mere dil ki kab yeh majaal hai?


Tere husn par hai meri nazar, mujhe subah-o-shaam ki kya khabar,

Meri shaam hai teri justajoo, meri subah tera khayaal hai.


Mere dil jigar mein samaa bhi ja, rahe kyon nazar ka bhi faasila,

Ke tere begair O jaan-e-jaan, mujhe zindagi bhi muhaal hai.






Mujhe garaz kisi se na waasta, mujhe kaam apne hi kaam se,

Tere zikr se, teri fiqr se, teri yaad se, tere naam se.

( I have no concern with anyone, I mind my own business.

And my business is: talking about you, thinking about you, remembering you, speaking you name)






The lost songs

There are some songs that you hear once and you fall in love in them. But some of them are extremely

rare. You love them but you cannot find them. You search for them all your life but you cannot find them.

Today I found two of them. Both sung beautifully by the great Rafi:



maana mere haseen sanam, tu rashq-e-mahtaab hai

par tu hai lajawab to mera kahaan jawab hain


( I agree my dear that your beauty can make even the moon jealous

  but if you are incomparable then so am I)


hairat se yuun na dekhiye, zarra hua to kya hua

apni jagah pe jaaneman, zarra bhi aaftaab hai


( It may be a modest speck of dust, but do not underestimate it

  in its own place, the speck of dust is not less than the sun)


tere shabab ka suroor chaaya jo do jahan par

meri nigah-e-shauk se aaya yeh inquilab hai


( The effect of your beauty has spread across the world and the skies

  But it is the power of my eyes that admire your beauty that has caused this great effect)



And the second song is this:


Tum poochte ho ishq bala hai ke nahin hai…

kya jaane tumhein khauf-e-khuda hai ke nahin hai:








bazm-e-hasti apni aaraish pe itni naazan na ho….

tu to ik tasveer hai mehfil ki aaur mehfil hoon main!


can be understood by experience alone

I found a nice Sudarshan Faakir ghazal sung beautifully
by Rafi in a non-film album on youtube:

aik hi baat zamaane ki kitaboon mein nahin
jo gham-e-dost mein nasha hai sharaboon mein nahin

( There is only one fact that does not find mention in the books of the world:
The intoxication that is there is the pain of love is much more than the
intoxication of any wine)

husn ki bheekh na mangege na jalwoon ki kabhi
hum fakiron ko milo khul ke hijaboon mein nahin

( we will not beg for your beauty or a for glimpse of you
so why do you need to meet us “Fakirs” covering your face in a veil?
Meet us with your face uncovered)

har jagah phirte hain awaara khayalon ki tarah
yeh alag baat hai, hum aap ke khwaabon mein nahin

( I wander about everywhere like aimless thoughts. I go everywhere.
But I cannot ever manage to go into your dreams)

na dubo saagar-o-meena mein yeh gham ai “Faakir”
ke maquaam inka dilon mein hai sharaboon mein nahin

( Do not drown this pain of love in wine “Faakir”
This pain’s rightful place is the heart. Keep it there)


tasavvur mein chale aate, tumhaara kya bigar jaata?
tera pardah bana rehta, mujhe deedar ho jaata

( You could have come in my thoughts, what would you have lost?
In this way you could have fulfilled your determination to never show
your face to me. And I could have fulfilled my desire to see you)