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mauzoo-e-sukhan part 1 and 2 ( Theme of poetry )

unka aanchal hai, ke rukhsaar, ke pairahan hai?
kuch to hai jis se hui jaati hai chilman rangeen
jane us zulf ki mauhum ghani chaaon mein
timtimata hai woh aweza abhi tak ke nahin
aaj phir husn-e-dilhara ka wahi dhaj hoga

( Is it the fringe of her veil, or her face, or her dress?
There is something that is lit up inside the curtain that hides her face
I wonder, if behind her long flowing hair….
that small earring still twinkles or not
But I know that today she has again come out in her most beautiful form)

wahi khwabeeda si aankhen, wahi kaajal ki lakeer
rang-e-rukhsaar pe halka sa woh ghaze ka gubaar
sandali haath pe dhundli si henna ki tehreer
apne afkaar ki, ashaar ki duniya hai yahi!
jaan-e-mazmoon hai yahi, shahid-e-maana hai yahi!

( Those dreamy eyes, the “kaajal” that highlights them
that soft powder that spreads on her pink face
On her sandalwood coloured hands, there is a pale line of “henna”
This and only this is my chosen world of poetry and dreams!
This is the soul of my verse, this is the darling of my intent!)


ham parwarish-e-lauh-o-kalam karte rahenge
jo dil pe guzarti hai, raqam karte rahenge!

( I will keep nurturing the world of pen and paper
I will keep expressing every feeling that my heart witnesses)

asbab-e-gham-e-ishq baham karte rahenge
veerani-e-dauraan pe karam karte rahenge!

( I will keep collecting and sharing various aspects of the pain of love
This will be my gift to these desolate times)



lekin us shokh ke aahista se khulte hue hoonth
hay! us jism ke kambakht dilawez khutoot
aap hi kahiye kahin aise bhi afsoo honge?
apna mauzoo-e-sukhan inke siwa aur nahin!
taab-e-shayar ka watan inke siwa aur nahin!

( And see the lips of my beautiful beloved opening so slowly!
and Ah! look how attractive are the lines of her beautiful body!
You tell me: is there any other thing in this world with so much magic?
So the theme of my poetry will only be based on these sights of her!
The domain of this poet’s expression cannot be anything else)


baki hai lahoo dil mein to har ashq se paida
rang-e-lab-o-rukhsaar-e-sanam karte rahenge
( If there remains any blood in my heart, I will keep on creating from every tear…
the colour for the lips and cheeks of my beloved)

ik tanz-e-tagaful hai, so woh unko mubarak
ik arz-e-tamanna hai, woh hum karte rahenge

( She has a habit of indifference and she is welcome to it,
But I have this expression of my desire and I WILL keep expressing it forever)