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This spring has been a strange one indeed

Today we have a beautiful Faiz Ahmed Faiz Ghazal. I had posted this a long time back in MHFL.
It has been sung beautifully by many singers. Here are my recommended renditions:

Noor Jahan:

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My greatest amusement

A ghazal that has been sung by Ghulam Ali and Noor Jehan. Most of the shers of this ghazal are pretty ordinary. However I really like the last two and that is why I am posting it in MHFL.

Ghulam Ali:

Noor Jehan:

Kabhi kitabon mein phool rakhna, kabhi darakhton pe naam likhna,
Hamein bhi yaad hai aaj tak woh nazar se harf-e-salaam likhna

( sometimes I used to keep flowers in books, sometimes I used to write names on trees,
I still remember how we used to express our love just by exchanging glances)

Who chand chehre, who behki baatein, sulagte din thay, mehkti raatein,
Who choote-choote se kaagazon par mohabbaton ke payaam likhna.

( Those moonlit faces, those intoxicated words, the days of passion, the fragrant nights,
And how we used to pass messages to each other on those small pieces of paper)

Gulab chehron se dil lagana, who chupke chupke nazar milana,
Who aarzoon ke khwaab bunna, who qissa-e-na-tamaam likhna

( That rose tinted face that took my heart, and our looking at each other silently,
Those dreams filled with desires, and then writing about an incomplete story)

Mere nagar ki haseen fizaoon, kaheen jo unka nishaan pao,
To poochna yeh, kahaan basein woh, kahaan hai unka kayaam likhna

( O beautiful sights of my city, if you find any sign of my beloved,
Then please ask here where she lives now, and what is her address)

Kai ruton mein “Hasan” hamaara bas aik hi to yeh mashgala tha,
Kisi ke chehre ko subah kehna, kisi ki zolfon ko shyaam likhna

( For many seasons, “Hasan” this was my greatest source of amusement:
To write about her beautiful face as the morning, to compare her hair with dusk)


humnein sab sher mein sanwaare thay
humse jitnein sukhan tumhaare thay

( I have decorated them all in my poetry:
All those words that I wanted to say to you)

rang-o-khushboo ke, husn-o-khoobi ke
na-mukammal se istiarey thay

( I wrote about you in terms of color and scent, I wrote about your beauty ,
But my poetry and metaphors are very limited and cannot compare with you )