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Side effects of your indifference

This is Qateel Shifai ghazal.

tumhare anjuman se uth ke diwane kahan jaate
jo vabasta hue tum se woh afsaane kahan jaate

[ where will your admirers go after leaving the your gathering(/party)
what will happn to the stories that have become associated with you)

nikal kar dair-o-kabaa se agar milta na mainkhana
to thukraye hue insaan Khudaa jaane kahan jaate

[ If after being thrown out of places of worship,
they had not found the wineshop…
then where would the rejected people have found solace?]

tumhari berukhi nein laaj rakh li baadakhane kii
tum ankhon se pila dete to paimaane kahan jaate

[ Your indifference has upheld the status of the wine shop
If you had intoxicated me with your eyes, then the wine glasses
would have had no use]

chalo aacha hua kaam aa gayi diwangi apni
wagarna ham zamaane bhar ko samajhaane kahan jaate

[ It is good that because of my madness people did not ask any questions
otherwise it would have been very difficult to explain my actions]

‘Qateel’ apana muqaddar gham se begana agar hota
phir to apne-paraye ham se pehchaane kahan jaate

[ Qateel if I had been blessed with good fortune
then I would have never got a chance to test my friends]


chaaragari beemar-e-dil ki rasm-e-sehar-e-husn nahin
warna dilbhar nadaan bhi is dard ka chaara jaane hai

( Beautiful people do not consider curing sick hearts as their responsibility
That is why my beloved does not even know how to cure the pain of my heart)