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cannot look at her directly!

Ghalib has always been my favourite poet( followed by Faiz and Jigar). It is always a delight to read Ghalib or to listen to his poetry being sung.

As long as love exists in this world, Ghalib would remain the greatest poet of love. His shers can be interpreted in so many ways and apply to so many situations.

Who else could write this sher:


jab woh jamaal-e-dilfaroz, soorat-e-mehr-e-neem-roz

khud hi ho nazaara soz, parde mein moonh chupaaye kyon?

( Why should that enchanting beauty, like the midday sun ablaze

  hide herself behind a veil, when no one can see her dazzling beauty directly?)


Ghalib’s poetry is our treasure and we are all rich. I cannot understand why people do not read Ghalib( or poetry in general for that matter). How can they complain about life when the treasures of poetry are right in front of them and they fail to grab these beautiful gems.

Anyway, today we have a beautiful Ghalib ghazal. It has been sung beautifully by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan. This is a must listen! One of the shers of this ghazal is similar to the one above.

Here is Rahat singing this ghazal: 



This has also been sung by Ghulam Ali.


Dil se teri nigah jigar tak utar gayi

Donon ko ik ada mein razamand kar gayi

( the arrow of your eyes has pierced my heart and reached my core,

  And in one  moment my heart and soul have surrendered to your love)


woh baada-e-shabana ki sarmastiyan kahaan

uthiye bas ab ke lazzat-e-khwab-e-sehar gayi

( The revelries that used to take place at night have come to an end,

  Get up because the pleasures of the world of dreams of morning have now ended)


urti phire hai khaak meri ku-e-yaar mein

baare ab ai hawa, hawas-e-baal-o-par gayi

( My ashes are now suspended in the street of my beloved,

Go away O Breeze, I no longer have a desire to fly)


dekho to dil farebi-e-andaz-e-naqsh-e-paa

mauj-e-khiraam-e-yaar bhi kya gul katar gayi

( Behold the magic of my beloved’s walk in the garden.

Her shoes are as light as the breeze and no one can trace her footprints)


nazaare nein bhi kaam kiya vaan-naqaab ka

masti se har nigah tere rukh par bikhar gayi

( your sight itself acts as a screen to bar anyone to see you properly

  When any glance is set upon your face, it immediately scatters away because of your immense beauty)


fardaodi ka tafariqa yak bar mit gayaa

kal tum gaye ke hum pe qayamat guzar gayi

( In one moment the difference between past and future has vanished,

  When you went away yesterday, doomsday descended upon me)


mara zamane nein “Asadullah Khan” tumhein

woh valvale kahan, woh jawani kidhar gayi?

( Time has indeed defeated you “Asadullah Khan”

  Where has your sparkle gone? Where is your youth now?)




==== ======= ============= =========== ==========

Woh nigahein kyun hui jaati hain yarab dil ke paar

jo meri kotahi-e-qismat se mizhgaan ho gayeen

( O lord, why do those eyes still pierce my heart

  Those eyes that had closed on me because of deficiency in my fate/luck


==== ======= ============= =========== ==========





Such Simple Desires

Today we have a very famous ghazal by Iqbal. It has been sung by several singers:

Rahat fateh Ali Khan has sung it in a qawalli form. Very beautifully done. I love it. I hope Rahat does more of this stuff instead of singing film songs. As a huge fan of his uncle( Nusrat) I am looking for stuff like this from him instead of “pappu” filmi stuff.  Here is the qawalli. Do listen to it- amazing stuff:

Sung beautifully( as always) by Malika Pukhraj:

If Malika Pukhraj has sung it, then her daughter( Tahira Sayeed) would also have sung it:


Tere Ishq ke intehaah chaahata hoon,

Meri saadgi dekh, kya chaahata hoon.

( I want the utmost limit/extreme amount of your love

  Such a simple man I am, and such simple are my desires)


Yeh jannat mubarak rahe zahidon ko,

Ke main aapka saamna chaahata hoon.

( Let the preachers of religion achieve Paradise,

  I only want to stand before you and look at you)


Koi dam ka mehmaan hoon ai-ahal-e-mehfil,

Chirag-e-sehar hoon, bujha chaahata hoon

( I am just a guest of a few moments, O people present at the gathering,

  Like the lamp of the morning, I want to extinguish soon)


Sitam ho ke ho vada-e-behijaabi,

Koi baat sabr aazmaan chaahata hoon.

( You may be cruel to me, or you may promise to unveil your face before me,

   Whatever the situation, I want to test the limit of my self-control)


Bhari bazm mein raaz ki baat kehdi,

Bada be-adab hoon, saza chaahata hoon.

( In front of everyone I have said what was supposed to be hidden,

  I agree that I am ill-mannered,  so I want to be punished- by you)



== == == == == == == == == == == == == == == == == == == ==

Saadgi to hamaari zara dekhiye, aitbaar aapke vaade par kar liya,

Baat to sirf ik raat ki thi magar, intezaar aapka umar bhar kar liya

( Such a simple man I am, I believed in your promises,

  I know that you promised only one night, but I have waited for you for a lifetime)

== == == == == == == == == == == == == == == == == == == ==