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Cannot even see! Not fair.


                Today I want to share some beautiful nazms sung by Reshma. The first is a urdu nazm and the second a Punjabi one. For sometime I wondered which of these two to share with you. Both are beautiful and have been my long time favourites. But then in a stroke of genius( happens to me typically around 2 AM) I decided to go the “yeh bhi, who bhi” route. But I am not posting the complete nazms- just enough to show you the beautiful poetry so that you can listen to them on youtube.

                Most of us know Reshma by her “lambi judai” but she has sung a lot of beautiful songs. Her voice is perfectly suited for melancholy songs.

Aksar shab-e-tanhai mein, kuch der pehle neend se,

Guzri hui dilchaspian, beete hue din aish ke,

Bante hain shammein zindagi, aur daltein hain roshni,

Mere dil-e-sadchak par

( sometimes in these lonely evenings, some time before sleep comes to me,

  The things that I loved in the past, those days of happiness,

  Become the candles of my life and show me clearly

  The scars of my heart)

Who bachpan aur woh sadgi, who rona aur hansna kabhi,

Phir woh jawaani ke maze, woh dillagi who kehkahe,

Woh waada aur woh shukriya, who lazzatein bazm-e-tarab,

Yaad aate hain aik aik sab

( That childhood and that innocence, the times of tears and times of laughter,

  And then the pleasures of youth, the amusement and the mirth,

  The promise by someone and someone’s “thank you”, the joys of happy evenings together,

   These memories come back to me one by one)

It is is a beautiful Nazm and has been sung beautifully by Reshma.  Haunting tune. Listen to it at:

And now for the Punjabi nazm. Punjabi is my mother tongue and I love it. However I feel sad that people think of Punjabi music as just the “dhol” beats “bhangra”. Punjabi music is much much more than that. But one has to listen to real Punjabi singers like Reshma, Nusrat, Asa Singh, Surinder Kaur etc.

For example listen to this. Haunting tune.  Beautiful words. My favourite.

Akhian noon rehan de akhian de kol kol,

Chann pardesia, bol bhavein na bol.

( Please let my eyes live near your eyes,

That is all I ask, you may choose not to speak to me but grant me this)

Dekhan da chaa sanu, mukh partavin na,

Nede nede vaseen dhola, door  door javeen na,

Door da khayal chaad vas akhian de kol kol,

Chann pardesia bol bhavein na bol.

( I only have one desire: to see you. Please don’t turn your face away.

  Please live at a place which is near mine. Don’t go far away.

  Please leave the thoughts of living at a faraway place where I cannot see you,

  You may choose not to speak to me ever again, but let me see you sometime)


——   ———    ————– ——————- ————————– ————————- ————————–

Ik teri deed chin gayi mujhse,

Warna duniya mein kya nahin baki


( I have lost the right to see you,

 Apart from that I have everything in the world)

Aj muk jaan hasrataan deed diyan, tuun khund noon hata ke baitha reh,

Sadi jaan jandi ae taan pai jave, tuun zulf saja ke baitha reh.

Sanoon deed da chaa, nazraan na chura, sade saamnein aa ke baitha reh.

( Let today my desire to see you be fulfilled, please come sit in front of me with nothing covering your heavenly face,

  If I die from the joy of seeing you, let me die, but sit in front of me with opening your long beautiful hair

  Looking at you is my greatest joy, please do not hide from me, come sit in front for a while)

——   ———    ————– ——————- ————————– ————————- ————————–