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The empire remains intact

A Faiz Ahmed Faiz poem. It has been sung by Runa Laila and also by Begum Akhtar.

Here is the Begum Akhtar version

aye kuch abr kuch sharab aaye
iske baad aaye jo azaab aaye

( let there be some clouds and some wine
and after that even if there is a disaster, who cares?)

baam-e-meena se maahtaab utre
dast-e-saqi mein aaftaab aaye

( Let the moon descend from the wine cup
let the sun appear in the wine-bearer’s hand)

har rag-e-khoon mein phir chiragaan ho
saamnein phir woh be-naqab aaye

( Let my every vein light up brightly
for today she has come before me without a veil)

umar ke har waqk pe dil ko nazar
teri mehr-o-wafa ke bab aaye

( At every page of my life’s book I see
the wonds describing your generosity)

kar raha tha gham-e-jahan ka hisaab
aaj tum yaad be-hisaab aaye

( Today I was counting the sorrows given to me by the world
and therefore I remembered a countless times today)

na gayi tere gham ki sardaari
dil mein yuun roz inquilab aaye

( The pain of your love still reigns supreme in my heart
though every day my heart revolts against this reign)

is tarah apni khamoshi goonji
goya har simt se jawab aaye

( My silence resonated in such a way
that I got answers from all directions)

“Faiz” thi raah sar-basar manzil
hum jahan pahunche kamiyaab aaye

( My life’s journey was so successful “Faiz”…
whereever I went, the successful people followed)


Na deed hai, na sukhan, ab na harf hai, na payaam
koi bhi huliya-e-taskin nahin aaur aas bahut hai
ummeed-e-yaar, nazar ka mizaj, dard ka rang
tum aaj kuch bhi na poocho ke dil udaas bahut hai

( No sight of her, no poetry, no word, no message
There seems no ground for solace, but my hope is infinite
My yearning for her, the eye’s desire, the color of my pain
Please do not ask me anything today- the heart is full of sadness)