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I would bother her soft silky hair only in extreme emergency situation.

Today we have a beautiful Shakeel Badayuni ghazal. This ghazal was recited in a mushiara in the movie Palki. Rafi recited a few of the shers. Real great stuff.

( Note that some of the words were not clear in the first sher of the youtube video so I used my own words to make the sher look good. I had no other way because I could not find this ghazal anywhere else( not even in the Shakeel badayuni book that I have))

Tum hi hamaare saath nahin, ab sair-e-gulistaan kaun kare?
Honton ke ishaare kaun kare, phoolon to pashemaan kaun kare?

( When you are not with me then what is the point of walking in the garden,
For who apart from you can embarrass the flowers with the slightest movement of the lips)

Rahat ki duaein kyon mangein? Taskeen ke samaan kaun kare?
Yeh dard kisi ka tohfa hai, is dard ka darmaan kaun kare?

( Why should I wish for respite? Why should I ask for contentment and peace?
This pain is a gift from someone, why would I want a cure for this pain?)

Is dil mein kisi ki yaadein hain, jannat se haseen hai dil mera,
Is taj mahal ke daman mein ab gair ko mehmaan kaun kare?

( The memories of someone live in this heart, and because of this my heart is more beautiful than paradise.
How can I let someone else enter the domain of this taj mahal)

Pedon ki ghani chaaon mein kahin yeh dhoop guzar hi jayegi.
Ab unki mulayam resham si zulfon ko pareshaan kaun kare?

( After some time some trees will shade me from these hot rays of the sun,
So why should I unnecessarily bother her soft and silky locks of hair?)

Chup chup ke woh khud sun lete hain awaaz meri ashaar mere,
Afsaana suna kar ab unka ruswai ka samaan kaun kare?

( Hiding from the world she finds a way to listen to my words and my poetry,
Why should I tell her story before everyone and make her infamous)

Us shokh ke dast-e-nazuk se har teer khata ho jata hai,
Hum aap nishaana ban jayein, qatil ko pashemaan kaun kare?

( Her delicate hands cannot even launch arrows properly,
So I think I should deliberately come in front of those arrows. Otherwise she will not be able to kill me and she will feel bad about it)

Din raat unhein khat likhte hain, din raat duaein karte hain,
Fursat hi nahin hai hathon ko, ab chaak garebaan kaun kare?

( My days and nights are spent in either writing letters to her or praying for her,
My hands are not even free for a second, so I cannot tear my clothes [ Note that in urdu poetry tearing one’s clothes is an important sign of madness in love. Majnun did it and set an example for everyone,])


=== ========== ============= ============
Ya rab gham-e-hijran mein itna to kiya hota,
Jo haath jigar par tha woh dast-e-dua hota

( O God, I wish that in those sad days of separation from her,
Instead of always keeping my hand on my broken heart, I had raised it up in prayer)
=== ========== ============= ============

=== ======== ============ =================
kisi aankh to sadaa do kisi zulf ko pukaaro
bari dhoop par rahi hai, koi saibaan nahin hai

( Call some eye, invite some locks of hair
the sun is beating down on me and I need some
shade [ The sun here stands for the troubles of
life. The poet wants to be shaded from these
troubles by a pair of lovely eyes and some
locks of hair])
=== ======== ============ =================

==== ================ =====================
tirchi nazroon se na dekho aashiq-e-dilgir ko,
kaise teer-andaaz ho? seedha to kar lo teer ko!

( Don’t look at your dejected admirer with slanting eyes!
Don’t you know that the first principle of archery is
to shoot the arrow straight and not slanting?! )
==== ================ =====================


I am just someone’s thought

A Shakeel Badayuni Ghazal:

Meri zindagi pe na muskura mujhe zindagi ka alam nahin,
Jise tere gham se ho vasta woh khizaan bahar se kam nahin.

( do not make fun of my life, I have no unhappiness in my life,
For if associated with the pain given by you, even dark autumn seems like bright spring)

Mera kufr hasil-e-zuhd hai, mera zuhd hasil-e-kufr hai
Meri bandagi hai woh bandagi jo raheen-e-dair-o-haram nahin

( My lack of religious feeling comes from my devotion and my devotion comes from my disbelief,
My prayers are such that they are not indebted to or constrained by any place of worship)

Mujhe raas aaye khuda kare yahi ishtbah ki sautein
Unhein aitbaar-e-wafa to hai, mujhe aitbaar-e-sitam nahin

( I hope to enjoy these moments of doubt between us,
She does have faith in my sincerity, but I do not have faith in her cruelty/oppression for me)

Wahi carvan, wahi raaste, wahi zindagi, wahi marhale,
Magar apne apne maqam par kabhi tum nahin kabhi hum nahin.

( still the same caravans, the same paths, the same life, the same problems,
However sometimes you are not at your position and sometimes I change my position)

Na woh shaan-e-jabr-e-shabab hai, na woh rang-e-kehar-e-itaab hai,
Dil-e-bequarar pe in dinon hai sitam yahi ke sitam nahin.

( Today there is no “glory of the tyranny of beauty” and there is no “colour of the power of your anger”
The biggest cruelty that my heart full of desire feels these days is the lack of such cruelties from you)

Na fana meri, na baqa meri, mujhe ai “shakeel” na dhoondiye,
Main kisi ka husn-e-khayal hoon, mera kuch wajood-e-adam nahin

( Death is not mine, life is not mine, do not search for me O “Shakeel”
I am just the beauty of someone’s thought, I do not have a worldly existence among men)


== ==== ======= ========= =====
main azal se banda-e-ishq hoon, mujhe zuhd-o-kufr ka gham nahin
mere sar ko dar tera mil gaya, mujhe ab talash-e-haram nahin
meri bandagi hai woh bandagi, jo baqaid-e-dair-o-haram nahin
mera ik nazar tumhein dekhna, ba khuda namaz se kam nahin

( since the beginning of time I have been just a man of love, I have no concern with religion or anything irreligious,
My head has found your doorstep and that is where it bows, I need no other temple
My devotion is such that it is not confined to places of worship,
My looking at you just once was not less than a complete prayer)

== ==== ======= ========= =====

There are more beyond this. Much more.

A beautiful Shakeel Badayuni Ghazal. It has been sung by Munni Begum.

It is available on youtube.


Fitrat ke haseen nazaaron se purkaif khazaane aaur bhi hain,

Mainkhaana agar veeran hai to kya, rindon ke thikaane aaur bhi hain

( Beyond the beauty of nature’s creations there are even more treasures that intoxicate the mind,

  It may be that the tavern is desolate, there are even more places where the lovers of wine can go)


Aagaz-e-jafa ki talkhi se ghabra na dil-e-aazar-talab

Yeh waqt yaheen pe khatam nahin, kuch talkh zamaane aaur bhi hain.

( Do not be deterred that you have seen a few glimpses of the bitterness of the world’s oppression and insincerity, My heart

   The ways of the world will not change and you will see even more bitter times)


Jeena hai tujhe peene ke liye, ai dost kisi unwaan se pi,

Jeene ka bahaana aik sahi, peene ke bahaane aaur bhi hain.

( If you have to drink then, my friend, give each glass of wine a title,

   You may have just one reason to live but the reasons for drinking wine can be many)


Yeh jalwa-gah-e-fitrat hi nahin, arbab-e-jahaan  ka aks haseen,

Yeh jalwa-gah-e-fitrat ke siwa kuch aaina khaane aaur bhi hain

( Not only are these pieces of display created by nature beautiful, the whole world is full of beauty,

   Even beyond these beautiful display pieces  there are more houses of mirrors that reflect beauty)


Lamhaat-e-haseen-e-pursish-e-gham mehdood nahin ta shukar-e-karam,

Be-lafaz sahi, be-naam sahi, honton ke fasaane aaur bhi hain.

( The moments of expression of my sad heart are not just limited to a few “thank you”s for her generosity

   Without words, without names, there are many many more stories that wait on my lips)


Gunche ke chatakne par hi na ho masroof-e-tawajooh ahal-e-chaman,

Kuch neem-shagufta honton par khamosh taraane aaur bhi hain.

( O caretaker of the garden, Do not just care for those few buds that have fallen down

   On some other partly closed lips there are a few more silent songs that you should hear)


Har teer-e-nazar ki jumbish mein paata hoon “Shakeel” andaaz-e-junoon,

Madoom hai ab tak jinka nishaan kuch aise nishaane aaur bhi hain

( In the motion of the arrows of eyes, I can judge the intensity of passion “Shakeel”

  There are a few places where the arrow has hit but you will not even see a scar)




===== =============== ======================== =======================

mujh se mat pooch “mere husn mein kya rakkha hai?”

aankh se pardah-e-zulmat utha rakkha hai

meri duniya ki mere gham se jahannum-bardosh

toone duniya ko bhi firdaus banaa rakha hai


( Dont you ask me “what do you see in my beauty?”

  Your beauty has lifted the curtain of darkness from my eyes.

  My world was a burden of hell created by my woes.

  But your beauty created a heaven in this very world! )

===== =============== ======================== =======================

success is counted sweetest by those who never succeed.



                Today we have a quatrain written by Shakeel Badayuni. Most of us know him as a lyricist for movies in 50s and 60s. Most people who wrote lyrics in 50s and 60s were not just movie lyricists. They were real poets! Their non-film poetry is also really good.


                A poet should always write from his heart- never to please people. And that is where the “lyricists” of today are so wrong, so poor. Real poetry comes when the poet needs to write it for his own solace- for his own sanity!


                Two poets of the 50s and 60s that I love reading are sahir ludhianivi and shakeel badayuni. And incidently they wrote my two favourite hindi film songs : “ mere mehboob tuhe meri mohabbat ki kasam” was written by Shakeel and “Aap aaye to khayal-e-dil-e-nashaad aaya” was written by Sahir. Of course there were other good poets too: Hasrat jaipuri, Majrooh Sultanpuri, Shailendra…


                Only a real poet like Shakeel could write this sher:


Main “shakeel” dil ka hoon tarjumaan, ke mohabbat ka hoon raazdaan,

Mujhe faqr hai meri shyari meri zindagi se juda nahin!


( I am “Shakeel”,  the translation of the word, heart. The confidant and friend of love

   I am  proud that my poetry expresses the true story of my life.)


Anyway, here is the quatrain:


Who garmi-e-bazm-e-ishq gayi, who mehr-o-wafa ke geet gaye,

Jab hausala-e-dil past na tha, haan haan woh zamaane beet gaye,

Hum shan-e-tahammul par nazaan, tum zor-e-musalsal par kayam,

Lillah yeh baazi rehne do, hum haar gaye, tum jeet gaye!


( The zest of love is gone, the songs of affection are now forgotten,

  The heart was once undeterred, alas those times are past now,

  I pride myself in endurance, you have infinite resistance to all that I do ,

For god’s sake let this clash be over now, I have lost, you have won)




—– ———– ——————– ——————————- ——————————

ai “shakeel” unki mehfil mein bhi kya mila, kuch aaur badh gayi dil ki betabiyan,

sab ki janib rahi woh nigah-e-karam, hum taraste rahe ik nazar ke liye


( Shakeel what did you get in that “party”, your unhappiness has only increased

  she looked at everyone else with favour and grace but she did not even look at you for a moment)

———————————— ————————— ———————— ————–





To lose is to win- and vice versa

A beautiful Shakeel Badayuni ghazal. It has been sung by Talat Mehmood and Begum Akhtar:

     ( talat)

   ( Begum Akhtar)

The Hindi film ghazal “hum bekhudi mein unko” sung by Rafi is based on similar rhyme and meter and has some similar shers. That ghazal is by Majrooh Sultanpuri.

Aankhon se door subah ke tare chale gaye,

Neend aa gayi to gham ke nazaare chale gaye

Na-kaami-e-hayaat ka karte bhi kya gila,

Do din guzaarna tha, guzaare chale gaye

Allah ri bekhudi ke hum unke hi rooh-ba-rooh

Be ikhteyaar unhein ko pukaare chale gaye

Dil tha kisi ki yaad mein masroof aaur hum,

Sheeshe mein zindagi ko utaare chale gaye

Mushkil tha kuch to ishq ki baazi ka jeetna,

Kuch jeetnein ke khauf se haare chale gaye.

Unke begair zeest beharhaal zeest thi,

Jaise guzar rahi thi guzaare chale gaye.

Jalwe kahaan jo zauk-e-tamaasha nahin “shakeel”

Nazrein chalein gayeen to nazaare chale gaye



Kya poochte ho lutf-e-hujoom-e-nazar “shakeel”

Kuch teer thay jo kalb-o-nazar se guzar gaye

( how should I explain the pleasures of the sights of beauty O Shakeel

Those were sharp arrows that pierced my heart and eyes)


she replied to my greeting

A ghazal by the great Shakeel Badayuni.

It has been sung beautifully by Talat Mahmood.

You must listen to this:

Tumnein yeh kya sitam kiya, zabt se kaam le liya

Tarq-e-wafa ke baad bhi, mera salaam le liya

( You have been unkind to me by employing self-control

  For even after the break of our relationship you replied to my greeting)

Rind-e-kharab-e-nosh ki beadabi  to dekhiye

Niyat-e-maikashi na ki, haath mein jam le liya

( Look at the ill manners of the ones addicted to wine

  They hold the wine glass even without having the desire for it)

Sehan-e-chaman mein daffatan aake palat gayi bahar

Ahal-e-junoon nein galiban aqal se kaam le liya

( spring came into the courtyard of the garden but returned immediately

  This may be because the people possessed with the madness of love have suddenly started thinking logically)

Hai who paikar-e-hawas, aah who khugar-e-kafas

Bech ke jis nein aashiaan, jalka-e-dam le liya

( Look at the face of the madman, look at the one accustomed to the cage

  He has sold his nest and instead chosen a life of bondage)

Baadakashan-e-ishq ko kuch to mila hai sukoon,

Husn-e-sehar na le sake, jalwa-e-shaam le liya

( The ones drowned in the intoxication of love have found some respite.

   Not for them is the beauty of the dawn but they have seen the sight of sunset)

Naam-e-shauq padh ke who kho gaye yak-ba-yak “shakeel”

Muunh se to kuch na keh sake, dil se payaam le liya

( When she read my letter full of desire, she immediately was lost in her thoughts “Shakeel”

   She did not say a word from her lips but her heart accepted my message)


Main “shakeel” dil ka hoon tarjumaan, ke mohabbat ka hoon raazdaan,

Mujhe faqr hai meri shyari meri zindagi se juda nahin!

( I am “Shakeel”,  the translation of the word, heart. The confidant and friend of love

   I am  proud that my poetry expresses the true story of my life.)