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Unintentionally she fulfilled many promises

Today we have a beautiful Ghalib ghazal. It has been sung my many singers:

Talat Mehmood:

Mehdi Hassan:

Barkat Ali Khan: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DTjvkT9ZpZ8

us bazm mein mujhe nahin banti haya kiye,
baitha raha, agarche ishaare hua kiye.

( I kept on sitting in my beloved’s mehfil unabashed
Even though several times I was signalled to leave)

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From every location, the same name

Today we have a Shamim Jaipuri ghazal. It has been sung by Begum Akhtar:

And Talat Mehmood:

Kaabe se, butkade se, kabhi bazm-e-jaam se,
Awaaz de raha hoon tujhe har maquaam se.

(from the Kaaba, sometimes from the place of idols and sometimes from a gathering devoted to wine,
I am calling out your name from every possible place)

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If life is left, we have to keep executing as per plan

Today we have a Ghalib ghazal. It has been sung by many singers:

Mehdi Hassan: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zBVLdYw98s4
Shabnam Majeed: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=68oc6OyP5cc ( this is my favorite version)
Vinod Sehgal: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3EgTH1NAtW8 ( This is from the famous “Mirza Ghalib” serial)
Talat Mehmood: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_hrdpvYjQ6U ( beautifully sung by the immortal Talat)
Munni Begum: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xHUnbodn57Y

koi din gar zindagani aaur hai,
apne ji mein hamnein thaani aaur hai.

( If there is still some life left,
Then I do have a great plan on how best to spend these years of life)

aatish-e-dozakh mein yeh garmi kahan,
soz-e-gam haye nihaani aaur hai.

( The fires of hell are not as intense
As the fire that is raging hidden in my chest)

barha dekhein hain un ki ranjishein,
par kuch ab ke sargiraani aaur hai.

( I have seen the temper of my beloved many times,
But this time her anger is of an extraordinary magnitude)

deke khat munh dekhta hai namabar,
kuch to paigaam-e-zabaani aaur hai.

( the messenger gives me a letter from my beloved but instead of walking away, stays and keeps staring at me,
I am sure that there is a message from her that she wanted the messenger to deliver orally)

Qata-e-amar hai aksar nujum,
woh bala-e-aasmani aaur hai.

( The stars often change the course of human lives
But this star ( probably referring to the beloved) is more powerful than others in the sky)

ho chukin “Ghalib” balayen sab tamaam,
aik marg-e-nagahani aaur hai.

( Ghalib has already experienced and solved all sorts of problems
But one day death will come and that problem is not so easily resolved)

= = = = = = = = = = = = === == = ==========
Yeh masail-e-tasawwuf, yeh tera bayaan Ghalib,
Tujhe hum wali samajhte, jo na baadakhwaar hota

( Ghalib, your poetry is full of philosophy and mysticism. And the way you express your thoughts is just amazing.
Because of these things we would have considered you a great saint but your problem of drinking wine stops us)
= = = = = = = = = = = = === == = ==========

various forms, some physical, others abstract

Today we have a Khumar Barabankvi ghazal. It has been sung by the great Talat Mehmood:

kahin sher-o-nagma ban ke, kahin aasoon mein dhal ke,
woh mujhe mile to lekin mile sooratein badal ke.

( Sometimes she became the shers of poems, sometimes she came to me in the forms of songs and sometimes she became my tears,
She met me again and again but in various different forms)

yeh wafa ki sakht raahein, yeh tumhare paa-e-nazuk,
na lo intekaam mujh se, mere saath saath chal ke.

( the path of love/sincerity is difficult and your feet are so delicate,
Don’t make me feel bad by walking with me on this path)

wohi aankh be-baha hai jo gham-e-jahan mein roye,
wohi jaam jaam-e-jam jo bagair-e-farq chalke.

( Only that eye is precious which cries on seeing the pain of others,
Only that cup can be called the “cup of jamshed” which gets filled for everyone with discrimination. [Cup of Jamshed was a mythological cup that was supposed to have magical powers. I had posted a sher by Ghalib on this cup a few months back in MHFL] )

yeh chirag-e-anjuman to hain bas aik shab ke mehmaan,
tu jala woh shamma ai dil jo bujhe kabhi na jal ke.

( the candles that light this gathering will last for only one evening,
Light a candle in your own heart – a candle that will never extinguish)

na to hosh se taaruf, na junoon se aashnai,
yeh kahan pahunch gaye hum teri bazm se nikal ke.

( I no longer recognize what it is to be in my senses, and I also do not know anything about madness,
I have reached this strange state after leaving your gathering( mehfil/bazm))

koi ai “Khumaar” unko mere sher nazr karde
jo mukhalifeen-e-mukhlis nahin motarif ghazal ke

(O “Khumar”, please ask someone to gift her a few of my shers,
She is so opposed to her true friend( the poet) that she will not acknowledge his ghazals)


=== === === === == === = = = ================= =======
mujhe de rahe hain tasalliyan woh har ik taaza payaam se
kabhi aa ke manzar-e-aam par, kabhi hat kar manzar-e-aam se

( She finds newer and newer ways of consoling me and making me feel good
sometimes she does it in a form that is visible to the world, and sometimes she does it in a form that is visible to me only.)
=== === === === == === = = = ================= =======

The world is beautiful and it is MINE!

An all time favourite:

A beautiful Jigar Moradabadi Ghazal. It has been sung by Talat Mehmood:

and by Asha Bhosle:

It has been posted earlier in MHFL but at that time I did not have the youtube links.

kabhi shaakh-o-sabza-o-barg par, kabhi guncha-e-gul-o-khaar par,
main chaman mein chaahe jahan rahon, mera haq hai fasl-e-bahar par!

( sometimes I live on the green branches and leaves, and sometimes on flowers or thorns
  but wherever I may live in the garden, I have the right over the blossoming of the
  garden during spring)

mujhe dein na ghaiz mein dhamkiyaan, giren laakh baar yeh bijliyan,
meri saltanat yehi aashiyan, meri milkiyat yahi chaar par!

( Do not threaten me in anger, I have even seen lightening fall on it
  this house of love is my kingdom, and this is my greatest treasure)

jinhein kahiye ishq ki wusatein, jo hain khaas husn ki azmatein,
yeh usi ke qalb se poochiye, jise fakhar ho gham-e-yaar par!

( what is the range of love?, what is the magnificence of beauty?
  ask these questions to the heart that is proud of the pain of the beloved.
  That heart will have the proper answers to these questions)

mere ashq-e-khoon ki bahar hai ke muraqqa-e-gham-e-yaar hai,
meri shyari bhi nisar hai mere chashm-e-sehr-e-nigaar par!

( It is the spring of my tears of blood, in front of me is the collection of the pain
  due to my beloved
  My poetry is devoted to my eye that sees this magic of beauty in front of me)

ajab inquilab-e-zamana hai, mera mukhtasar sa fasaana hai,
yahi, ab jo baar hai dosh par, yehi sar tha zaanu-e-yaar par!

( It is a  strange revolution of the times, and it has made my story quite incredible,
  today it carries a burden of blames but there was a time when my head rested
  peacefully on the lap of my beloved)

yeh kamaal-e-ishq ki saazishein, yeh jamal-e-husn ki naazishein,
yeh inaayatein, yeh nawaazishein, meri aik musht-e-ghubaar par!

( The conspiracies of the wonder of love, the gift of the pride of the beauty-
  These magnificient and wonderful things have been bestowed on me- a handful of dust)

meri samt se use ai saba! yeh payaam-e-aakhir-e-gham suna,
abhi dekhna ho to dekh ja, ke khizaan hai apni bahar par!

( from my side, o breeze, please send her this last message of sadness:
  come to see this just once: my autumn will soon turn into spring)

yeh fareb-e-jalwa hai sar ba sar, mujhe dar yeh hai, dil-e-bekhabar,
kahin jam na jaaye teri nazar, inhein chand naqsh-e-nigaar par!

( The illusions of sight are all around us, and I fear, O innocent heart
  that your eyes may become fixed on these illusionary objects of supreme beauty)

hain raheen-e-dard sahi, magar, mujhe aur chaahiye kya, Jigar?
gham-e-yaar hai mera shayfta, main farayfta gham-e-yaar par

( I am obliged to the pain of love, and what else do I need , “Jigar”
  the pain of love is the prayer on my behalf, and I am fascinated by the pain of love)


jab koi haseen hota hai sargarma-e-nawazish,
us waqt woh kuch aaur bhi aate hain siva yaad

( when some beauty speaks to me with affection
  At that time I think of my lost love even more)

muddat hui hai ik haadsa-e-ishq ko lekin,
ab tak hai tere dil ke dharakne ki sada yaad   

( The tragedy of our love happened a long long time back,
  But even now I remember clearly the sound of your heartbeat)



To lose is to win- and vice versa

A beautiful Shakeel Badayuni ghazal. It has been sung by Talat Mehmood and Begum Akhtar:

     ( talat)

   ( Begum Akhtar)

The Hindi film ghazal “hum bekhudi mein unko” sung by Rafi is based on similar rhyme and meter and has some similar shers. That ghazal is by Majrooh Sultanpuri.

Aankhon se door subah ke tare chale gaye,

Neend aa gayi to gham ke nazaare chale gaye

Na-kaami-e-hayaat ka karte bhi kya gila,

Do din guzaarna tha, guzaare chale gaye

Allah ri bekhudi ke hum unke hi rooh-ba-rooh

Be ikhteyaar unhein ko pukaare chale gaye

Dil tha kisi ki yaad mein masroof aaur hum,

Sheeshe mein zindagi ko utaare chale gaye

Mushkil tha kuch to ishq ki baazi ka jeetna,

Kuch jeetnein ke khauf se haare chale gaye.

Unke begair zeest beharhaal zeest thi,

Jaise guzar rahi thi guzaare chale gaye.

Jalwe kahaan jo zauk-e-tamaasha nahin “shakeel”

Nazrein chalein gayeen to nazaare chale gaye



Kya poochte ho lutf-e-hujoom-e-nazar “shakeel”

Kuch teer thay jo kalb-o-nazar se guzar gaye

( how should I explain the pleasures of the sights of beauty O Shakeel

Those were sharp arrows that pierced my heart and eyes)


she replied to my greeting

A ghazal by the great Shakeel Badayuni.

It has been sung beautifully by Talat Mahmood.

You must listen to this:

Tumnein yeh kya sitam kiya, zabt se kaam le liya

Tarq-e-wafa ke baad bhi, mera salaam le liya

( You have been unkind to me by employing self-control

  For even after the break of our relationship you replied to my greeting)

Rind-e-kharab-e-nosh ki beadabi  to dekhiye

Niyat-e-maikashi na ki, haath mein jam le liya

( Look at the ill manners of the ones addicted to wine

  They hold the wine glass even without having the desire for it)

Sehan-e-chaman mein daffatan aake palat gayi bahar

Ahal-e-junoon nein galiban aqal se kaam le liya

( spring came into the courtyard of the garden but returned immediately

  This may be because the people possessed with the madness of love have suddenly started thinking logically)

Hai who paikar-e-hawas, aah who khugar-e-kafas

Bech ke jis nein aashiaan, jalka-e-dam le liya

( Look at the face of the madman, look at the one accustomed to the cage

  He has sold his nest and instead chosen a life of bondage)

Baadakashan-e-ishq ko kuch to mila hai sukoon,

Husn-e-sehar na le sake, jalwa-e-shaam le liya

( The ones drowned in the intoxication of love have found some respite.

   Not for them is the beauty of the dawn but they have seen the sight of sunset)

Naam-e-shauq padh ke who kho gaye yak-ba-yak “shakeel”

Muunh se to kuch na keh sake, dil se payaam le liya

( When she read my letter full of desire, she immediately was lost in her thoughts “Shakeel”

   She did not say a word from her lips but her heart accepted my message)


Main “shakeel” dil ka hoon tarjumaan, ke mohabbat ka hoon raazdaan,

Mujhe faqr hai meri shyari meri zindagi se juda nahin!

( I am “Shakeel”,  the translation of the word, heart. The confidant and friend of love

   I am  proud that my poetry expresses the true story of my life.)