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Sometimes silence is better! Much better!

A poem by Sasha Moorsom


Don’t be Literary


Don’t be literary, darling, don’t be literary

If you’re James in the morning you’re Hemingway in bed

Don’t talk of yourself in the style of your own obituary-

For who cares what they say of you after you’re dead.


Don’t be always a thought ahead and a move behind

Like a general reconnoitering dangerous ground,

This is a game it’s much better to enter blind

And the one who wins is the one who is caught and bound.


If you can’t be straight then just say nothing instead.

I’ll know what you mean much better than if it was said.


A poem by William Blake:


Love’s Secret



Never seek to tell thy love, 

Love that never told can be;

For the gentle wind does move

Silently, invisibly.


I told my love, I told my love,

I told her all my heart;

Trembling, cold, in ghastly fears,

Ah! she did depart!


Soon as she was gone from me,

A traveler came by,

Silently, invisibly

He took her with a sigh.





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Kaun kehta hai mohabbat ki zubaan hoti hai?

Yeh haqueeqat to nigahon se bayaan hoti hai!

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