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Fountain and well

This is Wordsworth poem.

Notice how he describes love first as a fountain and then as a well.
Notice the first paragraph- the line “Of its own bounty, or my need” is wonderful.
When somebody loves truly he just gives … he does not care how much the other person
wants. This aspect of love is similar to a fountain.
In the second paragraph he describes love as a well- it may be deep but there is no enthusiasm.
There is, in Wordsworth’s words no sparkle or life in this love. I find the
example of the fountain and the well very beautiful: The fountain just gives
whether you want it or not. The well gives nothing on its own … you have to
reach out to it, stretch … to get anything.

PS: “consecrated fount” means sacred spring/fountain .

A Complaint

There is a change–and I am poor;
Your love hath been, not long ago,
A fountain at my fond heart’s door,
Whose only business was to flow;
And flow it did: not taking heed
Of its own bounty, or my need.

What happy moments did I count!
Blest was I then all bliss above!
Now, for that consecrated fount
Of murmuring, sparkling, living love,
What have I? shall I dare to tell?
A comfortless and hidden well.
A well of love–it may be deep–
I trust it is,–and never dry:
What matter? if the waters sleep
In silence and obscurity.
–Such change, and at the very door
Of my fond heart, hath made me poor.


“Ghalib” tum hi kaho ke milega jawab kya
maana ke tum kaha kiye, aur woh suna kiye